October 2009

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According to the University of Colorado at Boulder's leading economist, Colorado appears to be poised as amongst the first states to exit this recession as reported by The Denver Business Journal.

At a gathering of clients of Denver-based financial-planning firm, Richard Wobbekind indicated that "We may be one of the first states out". He further stated that if technology and business spending fuel the recovery, as some analysts expect given anemic consumer spending, then Colorado is in a strong position to benefit. Current forecasts call for Colorado's to return to a 0.4 percent job growth in 2010 placing it in the fourth-best position among all states.

Any recovery will be sluggish at best, Wobbekind cautioned. But unlike some economists, he doesn't expect…
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Denver Metro Residential & Condominium Listings
% Change vs
  SEP 09 Prior Month Year Ago
Single Family (Res + Cond)
Active 19,834 -1.93 -17.09
Under Contract 5,228 -0.38 -0.78
Sold 3,846 -1.51 -9.82
Avg DOM 96 2.36 -0.27
Avg Sold Price $251,112 0.04 4.88
Active 15,046 -1.67 -18.65
Under Contract 4,029 -1.88 -5.04
Sold 3,001 -2.12 -10.84
Avg DOM 96 2.13 1.05
Avg Sold Price $274,433 0.17 5.50
Active 4,788 -2.74 -11.77
Under Contract 1,199 4.99 16.86
Sold 845 0.72 -6.01
Avg DOM 97 -1.02 -4.90
Avg Sold Price $168,288 0.72 3.91

* Based upon

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Denver ranked 37th in labor-market strength among the nation’s 100 largest labor markets, reports Portfolio.com, a national business-news website. The city slipped from its No. 30 ranking last year.

Although Denver lost tens of thousands of jobs over the last year, it still did better than most cities. Porfolio.com calculates that the Denver area gained 25,000 private-sector jobs between 2004 and 2009 (up 2.5 percent), but lost 55,400 jobs between 2008 and 2009 (down 5.1 percent).

In comparison, jobs in the nation’s strongest job market--Austin, Texas-- grew 16.6 percent between 2004 and 2009, and decreased 1.2 percent between 2008 and 2009. Rounding out the top five strongest labor markets on the Portfolio.com list were San Antonio; Baton Rouge, La.;…
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Denver is the second most popular American city to live in, according to a recent Harris Interactive poll.  This is the first time in the 13 years of the Harris survey that Denver has ranked higher than No. 4 on the list of most-popular cities. Last year, Denver was No. 9. Colorado ranked as the fifth favorite state.  

The online survey asked 2,498 people where they would want to live if they didn’t live where they are now. “The most popular states and cities where large numbers of people would like to live tend to attract tourists and business,” Harris Interactive said in a statement. “They are places where people like to take vacations and where companies like to have their offices and factories.”

New York City topped the list of favorite cities. It was…
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