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According to a study conducted by Brookings Mountain West, exports may be the key to increasing the number of Denver jobs in the future. In fact, in 2008 alone, exports provided more than 74,000 jobs to the Denver metro area. Furthermore, the researchers who prepared the Brookings report believe exports can go a long way toward helping to replace those jobs that were lost during the recession.

“In the aftermath of the recession, the mountain region as well as the nation must become more export oriented and less dependent on domestic consumption, and all levels of government – and the private sector – need to work together to ensure that happens,” wrote the researchers. “Looking forward, big mountain metros stand to gain thousands of jobs over the next five…
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As a REALTOR® in Northern Virginia who has the unenviable distinction of sharing her name with the mother of Ashley Dupre, who was the “escort” to Eliot Spitzer, Carolyn Capalbo has found herself needing to do some serious damage control. After all, when potential clients Google her name, they are frequently met with numerous articles about the infamous affair. Clearly, Carolyn Capalbo the REALTOR® is vastly different from the one who has recently grabbed the headlines along with her daughter. Fortunately, Carolyn Capalbo the REALTOR® has enjoyed a significant amount of support from within the real estate community.

According to Capalbo, she didn’t realize the impact the name confusion would have on her reputation. After all, the other Carolyn Capalbo is…
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According to a list released by Bloomberg Businessweek, the city of Denver is the eight best city of new college graduates in the country. The list, which was based on factors such as the cost of living, average annual pay, unemployment rates and entry-level employers available in the area, consisted of a total of 30 different cities that are considered to be a good place for recent college grads to live.

“Thanks to jobs for mortgage specialists, securities and commodity brokers, and real estate and mutual fund managers, Denver has earned the title of ‘Wall Street of the Rockies,’” the Bloomberg Businessweek notes. “While the Mile High City is best known for its air transportation, telecommunications, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors, the fields of…
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Money magazine recently released its list of America’s 100 “best places to live” and five of Colorado’s cities made it to the list. These cities include Fort Collins in the number six position, Highlands Ranch at number twelve, Broomfield at number nineteen, Loveland at number thirty-three and Arvada at number fifty-eight.

While the number six ranking does represent a bit of a downslide for Fort Collins, which was listed in the number one position on the same list in 2006, Money magazine still had many positive things to say about the Colorado city.

“Bikers and beers. In most parts of the country, those two elements may be reasons to move elsewhere,” the magazine said about Fort Collins. “But in the foothills of Colorado’s Front Range, bikers mean cyclists:

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While the million dollar housing market is still far from enjoying a full recovery from the recession. InsideRealEstateNews reports that things seem to be moving in the right direction within this part of the Denver area housing market.

Although luxury homes are still the slowest moving homes on the Denver area housing market, the majority of those who sold their million dollar homes in May did manage to make a profit on the transaction.  Unfortunately, for sellers in Arapahoe Country, this trend did not hold true with their homes, where the luxury home market still appears to be struggling.

Overall, 44 luxury single-family detached homes were sold within the Denver area at a total cost of $63.4 million. With the homes being listed for a total of $68.7…
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Denver is one of the most amazing cities in the country. Not only does Denver have a rich and interesting history, it’s also one of the most beautiful places on earth. Add in the vibrant arts community and active social opportunities in Denver, and even one tour around the city is likely to have you begging for more.

So, how should you see Denver? Well, that’s really up to you. There are a number of different tour companies in Denver that can provide you with a positive experience. Whether you’re part of a larger group visiting the city or whether you’re a traveler who just wants to experience what Denver has to offer, there’s something for you.

Shop and Dine at Cherry Creek

The Cherry Creek Shopping Center is one of Denver’s premier shopping communities.…
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