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Before you make a move to Metro Denver Colorado you will likely want to learn more about the area. It is never wise to move to a new area and have yourself surprised by what you find. Metro Denver is one of the best places in the nation to live and work. Metro Denver offers an enviable quality of life for the residents. The Rocky Mountains panoramic views are something to behold. The metro area is home to numerous amenities that make the area top the list of most livable places.

Metro Denver has consistently been on the list of the top ten best places to live in the U.S. In addition to the amenities the area also has the best infrastructure and systems to facilitate the flourishing of businesses. Metro Denver offers an affordable cost of doing

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This past Monday, two Colorado Colleges were named in the Princeton Review’s annual list of the150 best values in higher education.

On the list of public universities was the University of Colorado Boulder.  Currently, there are 25,782 undergraduates enrolled in the University.  Colorado Boulder’s out of state tuition is $28,850 and their in state tuition is $7,672.   

The second college on the list was Colorado College, a private institution.  Currently, there are 2,040 undergraduate students enrolled in Colorado College located in Colorado Springs.  Tuition costs at Colorado College are $39,900 annually.

The top ranking public college was the University of North Carolina, while the top ranking private school was the Williams College in Williamstown,…
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Featured on Money Magazine’s latest list of the 100 America’s Best Small Cities ot Live are five Colorado cities.  Cities on the list range from a population of 50K to 300K.

This list composes the best small cities of 2012 to live.  Colorado and six other states, tied for the most cities to live.  Of the five small Colorado cities, Castle Rock ranked at number 16 as the best places to live.  

Castle Rock experiences 255 days of sunshine each year, and according to Money Magazine’s Laruen Gensler, she states that Castle Rock has focused on becoming a major magnet for business.  During the first quarter of 2012, 44 new businesses opened their doors in the city.  According to Gensler, there are some negatives in Castle Rock and that is that diversity is

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There are many myths about the Denver real estate market, and if you’re buying or selling a home, you definitely need to know the facts.  The current market is dynamic and national news that is heard is based on a “whole” and definitely not to be compared to the local Denver market.

Denver Metro Real Estate Market Facts

Fact 1:  Denver is one of the strongest real estate markets in the nation and since the real estate crash, it has never been stronger as now.   

Fact 2:  The Denver Real Estate Market is a seller’s market.  What this means is the demand for properties is greater than what’s available on the market.  Compared to last year, there are 42% fewer active listings.  Plain and simple, we have more buyers than homes on the market.  As opposed to

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While the most important career choice is a career that you can be happy in (and, yes, it is essential that you enjoy your career to stay upbeat in life), there are a number of careers that are high in pay and expected to increase at least 30 percent in pay through 2018.  This is according to  Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Biomedical Engineers

Biomedical engineers are responsible to solving health problems and to develop medical devices.  The career requires a background in medicine, and in order to work in the field, a master’s degree is required.  The average salary of a biomedical engineer is $82,500.  The Colorado School of Mines, the Colorado State University, and the University of Denver, all offer biomedical engineering

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With more than 300 days of yearly sunshine and urban and outdoor amenities, Denver luxury living is apparent.  Denver builders are doing their part with many of the luxury builders going “green”.  Following are a few ways that the builders are constructing eco-friendly homes.

1.    Wooden floors.  Many builders are now using eco-friendly wood flooring like eucalyptus, palm and bamboo products.  The woods are a sustainable choice and a wonderful alternative to the traditional oak flooring.

2.    Insulation.  UltraTouch UltraTouch is a new flame resistant product that many builders are using and one that is crafted from high quality natural fibers offering optimal thermal performance.  

3.    Kitchen countertops.  Builders are turning to green

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The annual St. Jude Songwriters Supper is in its 5th year and scheduled to take place this August 25th.  This is an annual event that welcomes everyone that would like to help support St. Jude in the fight to cure childhood diseases such as cancer and to continue its mission to find cures to save the lives of children.

The Sports Authority Field at Mile High will be the location of the event, which will begin at 6 pm.  Cocktails and a silent auction start the evening followed by dinner and a special presentation as well as a live auction that starts at 8 pm.

Cowboy / cocktail chic attire is recommended for the event.  The efforts of St. Jude and what they have brought the children are funded through events such as the 5th Annual St. Jude Songwriters Supper.

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