October 2012

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Things appear to be looking brighter for Colorado’s real estate market as resort sales are increasing in six of seven resort-anchored regions. Though the combined rise of 2.8 percent over the last year through July is a mere fraction in comparison to the peak boom seen during 2007, realtors within this industry feel that a rebound may be coming soon as indicated by a trend of steady sales.

Market events from 2006 leading up to this period of time where recovery has become a good possibility took brokers, homeowners, sellers and buyers on a very unpredictable ride of success and failure in different areas. Telluride’s San Miguel county real estate market fell from $442 million in 2007 to $118 million two years later when the recession smacked the

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As everybody knows, a large portion of merchandise within the United States is made in other countries. Most of these goods are manufactured in China, as it has always been cheaper to do so over the past few decades.

However, with wages of employees in the world’s most populous country increasing by the year, companies are now starting to realize the wage difference between the two countries is getting smaller. Experts predict the cost for manufacturing expenses in the US and China will eventually become insignificant, thereby rendering the act of outsourcing such jobs abroad ineffective.

With that in mind, companies such as Fort Collins-based Otterbox, the country’s leading cellphone case maker, is starting to reshore manufacturing jobs into US

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Homebuyers often experience stress during the buying process.  There are many emotions involved, and it is not unusual for those emotions to get out of hand.  Many things can go wrong during the home buying process which includes:

•    Seller can be unreasonable and argumentative
•    The home inspection may reveal structural damage
•    You may not be approved for your loan
•    The appraisal may be low
•    The title company may discover a lien or a cloud on title

The possibilities are endless.  However, it is important to remember that you need to relax during the process and deal with things as they happen.  Home buying stress often starts with the purchase offer.  When the purchase agreement is filled out, there is a lot of information on it and a lot

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