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A unique group of ranchers and sportsmen from Colorado are planning to protect 220,000 acres from gas and oil drilling.   They are offering $2.5 M for the land.  This was the cost of the leases a decade ago when it was auctioned off by the Bureau of Land Management however this offer was rejected for being too low.


crystal-river-fog-iii_-daveshowalter_400_01The Thompson Divide Coalition said that it can come up with $50 million to buy back the nonproducing leases.  The land spreads throughout five counties from Glenwood Springs.  This area supports the  region’s agricultural and tourism economies.  They are providing a non-confrontational battle and stirring away from complex litigation with their offer.  On the other hand, the Front Range activists are waging a battle with thes leasing

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Based on recent reports conducted in Denver, the city’s residential real estate market has seen several notable increases this year, which is a trend that’s particularly driven by Denver Luxury Home Marketthe sales of luxury residences. Statistics gathered by numerous real estate companies point out that the number of lavish dwellings sold during last month was more than double than that sold during October of 2011.

Research also shows that the houses tagged and sold above the $1 million dollar mark went up from 23 of October last year to 50 during the same month of this year. “Luxury home sales are starting to move up the food chain,” says a broker from Kentwood Real Estate. “There is a kind of a feeding frenzy for homes up to $1.5 million. When you get beyond that, the

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The real estate market in Denver, Colorado, continues to exhibit steady recovery, recent statistics show.

Denver homes sales this September rose 17 percent, with the median sales price estimated at $282,305, a level accessible to most potential buyers. During the month, a total of 3,949 residences were sold at prices 11 percent higher than those posted in September 2011.


An upward pressure is exerted on prices by the depleted home inventory in Denver which, realtors observed, has ebbed to its lowest level in thirteen years. At the same time, there are indications housing demand has accelerated. The average period of time that a residential property stays on the market was reckoned at sixty-four days in September 2012, compared with the 105

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The City of Denver plans to amend its historic-landmark designation ordinance against "real-estate terrorism." This move comes on the heels of controversies over efforts to designate historic buildings as landmarks despite objections from their owners. The ordinance, which was passed in 2006, bars owners of historic-landmark structures from “overnight demolitions” of their properties prior to notification of the community.


Much of the controversy on the amendment is its provision to increase from $250 to $1,000 the application fee for landmark preservation over a property owner’s objection. Property rights advocates who support the ordinance revision contend that the higher fee is a deterrent to people against development. Opponents of the

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Six outstanding accomplishments in the commercial real estate industry were honored recently by the Franklin L. Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management, University of Denver, in partnership with the Denver Metro Commercial Association of Realtors. The annual awards come in six categories and are given to recognize excellence on project impact on the industry, community, and economy, as well as in architectural design, site planning, and creativity.


The new DaVita building at 2000 16th Street, Central Platte Valley, copped two of the coveted awards. It romped away with the 2012 Overall Project of the Year and the Office Project of the Year awards. The 260,000-square-foot edifice is a fourteen-story composition of metal, glass, and

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Seen over the last year is the strength of Denver’s southeast suburbs’ office market being almost comparable with the central business district.  A $26.55 million sale in the area is what broker Mike Winn terms as a class B commodity positioned in a “class A” location.

The Harlequin Plaza office complex at 76009 E. Orchard Ave. Greenwood Village was brokered by Tim Richey and Mike Winn, from Cushman and Wakefield of Colorado Inc.  The property, a 327,907 square-foot land with two buildings, was acquired by the Unico Real Estate Investments LLC.  Unico, a Seattle based company.  They sealed the deal with a $25,000,000 note.  Unico is the type of investor who likes to make their investment to work for them.  They conduct business by

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Real estate companies in downtown Denver are wooing tech companies to locate in the area which for long have been the domain of businessmen, lawyers, architects and accounting firms. This October, downtown Denver commercial real estate companies and organizations hosted Denver Startup Week. Besides sessions on such themes as networking, the event also revolved around socials and complimentary cocktails. The six-day, inaugural event attracted 3,500 attendees. With the continuing focus to create a technology cluster in the Denver downtown area, the organizers of Startup Week are already laying the groundwork for its second edition in 2013.

The move of downtown commercial real estate firms to lure tech companies may have been born out of necessity. For

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In Denver, Colorado, Joe’s grocery store gets the green light for its liquor license application from Denver’s Excise and Licenses department on Tuesday.  A local attorney and Dionne Morris, regional vice president of Trader Joe’s Co., testified before a hearing officer on Friday to present its case for the new store’s liquor license, which was intended to be at 790 Colorado Boulevard.   Hearing officer, William Hobbs, urged for the approval of the liquor license to the department’s director.   Hobbs stated on his recommendation that the store has successfully supplied and demonstrated the need for a liquor store in its community. 

In relation to Joe’s application, no petition was filed to oppose the applicant’s request, during Friday’s meeting.  A

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A report released Monday by the Apartment Association of Metro Denver and the Colorado Division of Housing, states that the apartment vacancy rate was down from last year’s 4.9% and it was also down this year at 4.8%.  But its lowest drop was at 4.3% during the third quarter of 2012.

It was in the third quarter of 2009 when the vacancy rate rose but for the past twelve quarters the vacancy rate has significantly dropped compared to the previous year.  Areas like the Boulder/Broomfield area, Adams, Arapahoe, and Jefferson counties felt the vacancy rate deteriorate from the third quarter of 2011 to 2012.

Supply will continue to be a factor according to industry observers.  Ron Troupe, Real Estate professor at Burns School of Real Estate and

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Located in the eastern part of the Rocky Mountains, Denver is the capital of Colorado and also the largest city in the State.  The city began as a miner’s paradise, a place where gold and silver literally brought the city to its glory.

Slowly rising from its mining success, were the equally important industries which supplied the needs of the mining community.  One of these was livestock and cattle-raising.  Today, Denver is known as the Western Seat of the Cattle Industry. 

Though not as famous as Nashville, Denver also has its share of country music stars like John Denver and Bob Dylan, both of whom resided in Denver at the height of their careers.  The artistic inclination of Denver however, is showcased in the numerous museums located around

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