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With a little help from a medical doctor, a new healthy eating restaurant has opened in the Cherry Creek area. Many residents already enjoy the ability to walk through Cherry Creek and reach coffee shops, boutiques, galleries and restaurants without driving all over the area. The newest addition to the area is True Food Kitchen, which may just look like any other restaurant, but it's quite different.

You must be warned, if you arrive during lunch or dinner, the restaurant tends to fill up fast. Dr. Andrew Weil helped make sure this restaurant opened when he partnered with a small Phoenix-based chain to bring healthier restaurant eating to Cherry Creek. He's most well-known for working with Oprah, but he's also the head of the Integrative Medicine Center at

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Coors FieldDenver residents get the privilege of enjoying all the different events Coors Field offers throughout the year. As the home of the Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball team, the ballpark hosts all their home games throughout the spring, summer and fall. However, there's more to Coors Field than just baseball.

Situated in Lower Downtown Denver or LoDo, the ballpark is perfectly located allowing visitors to enjoy views of the City and the mountains with many hotels close by. Coors Field is available for special events year-round from home plate weddings to corporate meetings. If it's not a game day, something could still be going on at the ballpark.

Taking a tour of the file is also possible throughout the baseball season and in the off-season. The tour

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Looking for one of the true contemporary homes in the Denver area isn't easy, but there is an area known for these types of homes. Stapleton is known for true contemporary homes and not the dated ones built in the 70s and 80s. Even though this type of home is a bit harder to find, it's still possible and looking in Stapleton will provide the best opportunity.

These homes are in very high demand and prices are going up because of the demand. Many found in Stapleton, recently, have sold for prices far above the other style homes found in the same area. Even with the increased pricing, the homes found in Stapleton still provide a better value than other Metro areas. Contemporary style homes range from about 1,400 square feet to over 4,500 square feet in

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Mount Evans Scenic BywaySome say Mount Evans is the road into the sky because it goes from 8,700 feet to over 14,000 feet and you actually pass through three life zones during the journey. This drive starts at Idaho Springs and heads up to the summit past lakes, forests and ancient trees. It's one of the most beautiful drives found in the entire country and offers the ability to drive the road, hike it or bike it.

The byway is 28 miles long and the upper part is known as the highest paved highway in all of North America. From the top of the road, you can enjoy an amazing view as you look across the Rocky Mountains, the Continental Divide and the Front Range. Enjoy the many wildflowers, grasses, lichens, tall trees and so much more as you climb or drive to the summit. You might

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Image Credit: remodeling of Union Station is something the city of Denver has needed for quite some time. The expansion and remodel are the largest in the transportation industry across the country and will provide more access to the city from areas the Denver International Airport, Lakewood and Golden lines service.

This expansion has caught the eyes of many companies and they're targeting downtown Denver for new business. This will create new job opportunities, boost the economy and help create a more vibrant city. Not only will this create a buzz around the downtown area, but it will also help turn the real estate market around for this area. 

The entire country saw a decline from 2008 to 2010 and many areas are still trying to recover. Denver has recovered quite

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Home buying allows the unique opportunity to choose where you want to live with only the parameter of your budget. Whether you choose your home based on the proximity to your place of employment or due to the school system, you deserve to love where you live. Many neighborhoods in and hear Denver offer plenty of advantages, but one specifically provides beautify scenery, along with plenty of activities happening throughout the year.

Home in PraderaThe Pradera community provides a great neighborhood for any new homebuyer looking to join an active community. With many events, such as the annual Pradera picnic featuring the band "Trail" and many other events, this area is perfect for new families, young couples and even retirees looking to stay active. 

The community…
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If you're something of a "petrol head" then you can look forward to a major automobile event coming to Denver on March 20th 2013 - the Denver Auto Show. Actually even if you're not a fan of cars of any kind you'll still find something here to turn your head. This auto show is a huge opportunity for both domestic and international car manufacturers to showcase their latest cars, vans, trucks and SUVs.

You'll get to see the latest production models on offer in each of these categories but one of the bigger treats is being able to see future models not slated for release until 2014. Then, of course, there are the concept cars, which will never move past the prototype stage but are absolutely amazing to see up close and personal. As with any auto show you can

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The new home housing boom combined with the close proximity of Denver International Airport are mostly responsible for the Brighton growth. Many predicted this growth all the way back in 2005 when the airport was growing rapidly and a major technology center was in the plans. Expansion plans were in the works and it was very exciting.

However, just as most of the country suffered from 2008 to 2010, so did Brighton. The economic times hit this area hard and slowed the progress for a few years. This was one of the slowest times in years and there wasn't any expansion happening in real estate or in the job market. Of course, this is to be expected considering the rest of the nation was slowing down or at a complete halt.

Home in Brighton COReal Estate has bounced back and as most…
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Not all families, young couples and singles want to own a home in a suburb on the outskirts of the city. Some of the areas closer to the city are very popular including the Highlands. This area is found in the Northwest part of Denver and offers historic bungalows, Victorians and many other classic home designs. These homes bring character to the city and provide a great place for anybody looking to live closer to the city.

Many of these style homes feature stained glass windows, wood floors, columns and fireplaces. Most are solid brick and have the character expected from a turn of the century style home. This is one of the more desired areas of the Denver area and the traditional design offers by most of these homes keeps this area as one of the most

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Image Credit: already has an awful lot to offer anyone considering relocating here, but to show some further proof of exactly what kind of city your family will be living in we wanted to give you a brief overview of the many different museums located here. Now museums aren't usually a major factor in any person's decision to relocate to a new city but they are an indication of the overall “health” of a city - the poorer cities in the United States simply can't afford to run the number of museums Denver can.   Foothills Art Center This was originally an old church and has received a new lease of life as a fine arts center. If you're looking for a more quirky museum to visit which offers not only fascinating works of art but a truly exceptional cup of…
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