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Downtown Aquarium - Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/71217725@N00/34315375/The Underwater Adventure found at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver provides all kinds of fun. This is more than just a place with huge fish tanks. Families can enjoy mermaids, a number of unique exhibits and many events throughout the year. This is one of the most popular attractions downtown for many reasons.

Adventure Exhibits

Throughout the facility, visitors can enjoy a number of great exhibits including:

  • North America - Full of creatures found throughout the North American continent.
  • In The Desert - Discover the many creatures found in the dryness of the desert.
  • Under The Sea - Full of coral reef and creature found under the sea, this is one of the most popular exhibits.
  • At The Wharf - This habitat provides a home to many creatures used to the
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Moving to Denver provides the opportunity for a great education. Many schools throughout the area are highly ranked by the community. If you're relocating to Denver for a new job or any other reason, choosing the right neighborhood will make a difference in your children's education. Here are the top schools throughout the area.

Top Elementary Schools

All of the following elementary schools received a 10/10 from greatschools.org and at least 4 of 5 stars from the community:

  • Challenge School - K-8 rated as a 5-star school
  • Bromwell Elementary - K-5 rated as a 4-star school
  • Carson Elementary - PK-5 rated as a 4-star school
  • Cory Elementary - PK-5 rated as a 4-star school
  • Steck Elementary - PK-5 rated as a 4-star school
  • Slavens -
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Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ishmaelo/291472868/Denver is full of great activities and attractions for children. The Children's Museum of Denver is one of the best choices in the city for kids to learn, play and grown. Whether you want to explore the exhibits, sign the kids up for a class or just come and play at the museum, you can find it all here.


Many interactive exhibits are available for your children to enjoy. Let them investigate all the cool playscapes as they learn and play. Exhibits include:

  • 3,2,1...Blast Off! - Lets you build, launch and test a model rocket.
  • The Art Studio - Let your kids get messing and enjoy painting.
  • The Assembly Plant - Build and design all kinds of fun things, such as helicopters.
  • The Big Backyard - Play in the anthill and climb in the bird's nest.
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Glendale is the host city for the Colorado Korea Day. This is an event celebrating Korean food, entertainment and more. It features a food trade show, a K-Pop contest and concert and K-Pop World Festival. These three events make up the Colorado Korea Day, which is one of the unique festivals held in August.

The K-Pop Contest and Concert

Contestants will compete in four different categories for a Trophy and certificate. The Best Performer and the Best Singer will receive entry into the K-Pop World Festival Qualifying Round. Three teams will receive a certificate and prize as the distinguished performers, while two more teams will receive a certificate and prize as a special award.

Contest schedule includes:

  • Audition on Thursday, August 1st from 4pm
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Living just outside the Downtown area of Denver may be appealing to many relocating to the area. Denver suburbs provide an excellent place for new residents to call home. Some of the suburbs in Denver include:


This is a diverse area with single family homes, luxury residences and horse properties. Arvada is located west of Denver, close to the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Bow Mar

Just 12 miles to the southwest of Denver, Bow Mar provides plenty of access to big city amenities. With about 1,000 residents, it's small, yet close to the city. This quiet suburb provides many private amenities, the Bow Mar Lake, a private Yacht club, sandy beaches, picnic areas, fishing and so much more.


An older neighborhood

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bar01_250The right place to call your local watering hole might be just around the corner. If you just moved to Denver or you're planning to relocate, understanding where the best bars in Central Denver are located will help you find the one perfect for you. Denver is full of great bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs. Some of the best bars found in Central Denver include:

Don's Club Tavern

The perfect place for a whiskey sour, a variety of rock music and plenty of other great drinks, you can enjoy this hole-in-the-wall found on East Sixth Avenue. This is a place for cheap drinks, dim lights and relaxation.

Pints Pub

A favorite for a good scotch or an ESB draft, this is a British pub with plenty of beer and tons of scotch. It's located on 13th Avenue and provides

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If you're moving to Denver and you will be living in the Aurora Public School District, it's important to choose the right school for your children. The state of Colorado uses what's known as intradistrict choice and interdistrict choice for parents. This helps you to be able to choose the best place for your child to receive their education.

You can find Aurora Public School ratings at www.greatschools.org as well as read community reviews of schools.

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Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dherholz/1602850610/ 

City Park is a 330-acre area full of recreation, nature and plenty of attractions. It's home to the Denver Zoo, an IMAX theatre and the Colorado Museum of Natural History. This urban park also contains the City Park Golf Course, Duck Lakes and a boathouse. You can find the park in the east-central part of Denver, about a mile from Downtown.

The neighborhoods around the park have become very popular over the past few years because of this great park. Colfax is one of the most popular areas for new residents because of the park, the stores, the restaurants and everything else making this area very desirable.

As the premier park in Denver, the park hosts many events throughout the year including a summer concert series. Residents can rent paddleboats

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Colorado Convention Center - Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/twobears2/4796312467/ 

The Colorado Convention Center is one of the best places to host or attend an event in all of Denver. It opened in 1990 and since, it has attracted thousands of events including over 250 annually held events. With plenty of hotels, restaurants and entertainment options within walking distance, it's an attractive choice for large conventions, meeting and many other types of events.

Event Space

With events ranging from small meeting rooms to large ballrooms, there's something here for any type of event. The facility includes:

  • Mile High Ballroom - This massive ballroom accommodates over 5,000 guests and provides the perfect place for a large event. It's the largest ballroom in the entire city.
  • Four Seasons Ballroom - With the ability to accommodate
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