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Those planning to move to Denver for work, for the schools, for family or for any other reason, need to find the right home. Many communities provide a great place to call home. If you prefer a bedroom community with easy access to the city, Reunion may be the right choice for your needs.

A specific community found in this area is very close to the Denver International Airport and provides the perfect place for your family. This community is called High Point and it's the closest neighborhood to the airport. It's perfect for those needing to be close to the airport and in need of a great place for the family.


High Point is found off 64th Avenue and Tower Road, about eight minutes from the airport. It's bordered by both Denver and Aurora.

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Winter HomeIf you have yet to get your home ready for the snow and ice coming, you need to soon. Winter is about to be upon us and it's time to make sure your house is ready. Here are a few things to do before the snow falls and the ice covers your roof.

Cleaning the Gutters

Leaves and other things get caught in your gutters and can stop up things as the snow and ice melt. This can cause ice dams to form, which can be very damaging to your home.

Seal Holes and Cracks

Check your weather stripping and other parts of your home for holes and cracks. Making sure your weather stripping is in good shape will help save you money on utility bills throughout the winter.

Check the Furnace Filter

You may not have looked at this filter for quite some time, but

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JazzIf you love great blues and jazz music or you just prefer the atmosphere of this type of club, you're in luck. Denver has a wonderful scene featuring this type of music. Some of the best places to hang out, go out on a date or just enjoy great music are found below.

Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge

The jazz fan will love this place because it's known as the best place in the city for jazz. Dazzle has been open for over 15 years and was named to a list of the top 100 jazz clubs in the world by Downbeat magazine. They bring in some of the best talent in the area and from all over the world.

Last year, the club hosted the Bad Plus, Kurt Elling, Esperanza Spalding, Joe Lovano and many others. They even feature acoustically treated walls to make the sound

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Photo Credit: is home to many Pho restaurants, which server great Vietnamese dishes with noodle soup and more. Traditional pho can include a number of different meats and some of these restaurants provide just a traditional dish. However, others get a bit more adventurous. Here are the best pho restaurants in the area.

Pho 7

Found in the southeast part of the city, Pho 7 is a great choice for excellent pho dishes. It's found at the corner of Hampden Avenue and South Florence Street. The Kennedy Golf Course and the Arthur Murray Dance Studio are found very close to this restaurant. You can work up your appetite on the course or on the dance floor, and then enjoy a delicious bowl of pho here.

Pho 7 is found at 10009 East Hampden Avenue in Denver.


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December is undoubtedly one of the busiest months of the year. With Christmas and New Year's Eve events, along with many others, it becomes a month packed with things to do. Here are some of the top upcoming events in Denver for the month of December.

Jay Z Concert

Jay Z will be visiting the Mile High City on Monday, December 2nd. This is a part of the Magna Carter Tour and the show will be held at the Pepsi Center at 8pm. Tickets range from $29.50 to $125 each.

Zoo Lights

Opening on December 5th, you can enjoy the zoo after it has been transformed into a winter wonderland. This is just the opening night and it will stay open for the rest of the year. Tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for children. You can enjoy the zoom from 5:30pm to 9pm

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Bow Mar, Colorado is a Statutory Town found in the counties of Jefferson and Arapahoe. It's considered a part of the Denver Metropolitan Area and has a population just below 1,000 residents.

This town is found about 12 miles to the southwest of downtown Denver and borders Littleton. It's one of the smallest cities in the area and provides a very close-knit community. Even with the close proximity to Denver, this small suburb provides a small town feel and a charming atmosphere.

Residents of Bow Mar enjoy a number of private amenities including the Bow Mar Lake. There's a private Yacht club found on the lake. Enjoy the sandy beaches, picnic areas and plenty of water fun. The lake allows sail boats and fishing, but you cannot take out any motorized

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People WatchingIf you love enjoying lunch, a beverage or just relaxing as you watch others go about their day, you will love the two top spots in Denver for people watching. Sometimes it's entertaining to watch others pass by and do what they do, as you enjoy a meal or a beverage. Here are the top two places for people watching in Denver.

Cherry Creek Shopping Center

Since the winter is coming, an indoor spot for people watching may be necessary. The Cherry Creek Shopping Center isn't just one of the top places for shopping, but also one of the best places for people watching.

This indoor retail location provides plenty of stores and plenty of places you can grab a beverage and a seat. The furniture found throughout the shopping center is very comfortable and

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Roller Derby - Photo Credit: Derby isn't just some old roller skating sport. It's catching on again and becoming a very popular spectator sport and hobby. Denver has plenty of great roller derby choices throughout the city. Here are some of the top parts of the sport in the city.

Mile High Club

Known as the best of the roller derby teams within the city, the Mile High Club is a great choice for watching. With eight leagues in the state for Roller Derby, this all-star team is the greatest. Last year it was the Denver Roller Dolls, but now it's the second ranked team in the world, the Mile High Club Orange Crushers.

Sandrine "Francey Pants" Rangeon

Sandrine is the best roller derby skater. She is a former ice hockey player and even played for the French national

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Pinkberry - Photo Credit: yogurt is a very popular dessert because of the flavor and the calorie count. It's caught on faster than many other desserts and provides a healthy alternative to other choices. Finding great frozen yogurt in Denver is easy. Here are some of the best choices throughout the city.


As one of the first choices for frozen yogurt in Denver, Chill-in is a good option. However, the selection of flavors is a bit limited, but they are all delicious. Chill-In is located at 2727 East 2nd Avenue.

Cherry on Top

Originally from California, this yogurt store is a franchise with plenty of great flavors. They provide a very affordable price at as low as 44 cents per ounce. Cherry on Top is found at 3000 East 1st Avenue in Suite #106.


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Internet AccessWe've all dealt with it at one time or another. You just moved to a new area, the cable company tells you they can't get you hooked up for two days and you need to get online. Maybe you've been in the area for a while, but something has happened causing your internet to go out. Here are the top place to get some Wi-Fi access in Cherry Creek.

Ross-Cherry Creek Public Library

If you prefer a quiet place to do what you need to do, the library is the perfect place for you. This is by far the quietest place to access the internet. However, they do have limited hours compared to a few of the other spots. The library is found at 305 Milwaukee Street.

Whole Foods

You can do a little work on your laptop at Whole Food in Cherry Creek. They don't have

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