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If you're looking for a great place to go for adults on New Year's Eve, you have plenty of choices. Denver comes alive this night every year and there are plenty of spots in SoCo, LoDo and other places for New Year's Eve parties. All of these parties are 21-and-up even if the club is usually 18-and-up.

White Rose Gala

This annual New Year's Eve Gala is a great choice for those looking to enjoy a Roaring 20s type of party. It's held at the Denver Center for Performing Arts and tickets start at $69.

50 Shades of Silver

The Cowboy Lounge and the Tavern Downtown will be hosting this park at 1949 Market Street. It's one of the best parties in the LoDo area and will provide a great view of the fireworks. It's $25 to get in, which includes a

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Are you looking for a great new restaurant to try? For just a short drive away you can try some excellent restaurants over in Longmont. It’s a creative town with great dining options including Creole, American, Japanese and Thai. Here are the best picks for restaurants in Longmont if you want to try something new for dinner.

Sushi Leo - 2315 Clover Basin Drive, Longmont, CO

If you love sushi, try Sushi Leo for the freshest sushi using traditional recipes. They fly fish in worldwide to offer not only sushi but katsu meats and Japanese curry.

The restaurants been around since 2010 and they are already known for their delicious house rolls served with the sushi entrees. There is a Longmont Roll that is served with salmon, avocado, tobiko and

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The city of Denver is bursting at the seams with new restaurants. As a matter of fact, hundreds of new restaurants opened in the area in 2014 alone. Below I will share with you 3 new restaurants that represent a variety of different palates.

Lower48 Kitchen - 2020A Lawrence Street

Lower48 Kitchen is located in the Ballpark Neighborhood. It came about when this area was in dire need of a nice restaurant. Lower 48 isn't like other eateries in the neighborhood. Here you will find decadent dishes at very affordable prices. It doesn't matter what your income, you are sure to find something that works for you at Lower 48.

The Nickel - 1100 14th Street

The Nickel is located in the Hotel Teatro. And while their menu is American, it has a Colorado

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Christmas Decorations

If you're still looking for some great Christmas decorations for this year or stocking up for next year, you need to know where to go. Denver is full of great places to shop with the family for Christmas decoration. Here are a few of the top spots.

LeGrue's Christmas Gallery - 476 South Broadway, Denver

This is one of the best florists in the city and provides plenty of great Christmas decorations during the holiday season. You can find the best tree here or you can simply pick up one of the many types of decorations they carry. LeGrue's carries lights, ornaments, tree toppers and so much more.

St. Nick's Christmas and Collectibles - 5221 South Santa Fe Drive, Littleton

St. Nick's is your Christmas decoration headquarters and has been for

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Happy Hour

Finding the right happy hour can help you feel right at home and help you save a little cash. Happy hours are usually a very busy and social time at restaurants and pubs, as well. Here's a look at some of the best happy hours on Colfax Avenue in Denver.

Prohibition - 504 East Colfax Avenue, Denver

This bar has a great name and provides a very cool atmosphere. It's also a great place for happy hours. With a gastro-pub menu and reasonable happy hour specials, you will love this neighborhood bar. There are plenty of cocktails on the menu and the Moscow Mule is one of the favorites.

Lost Lake Lounge - 3602 East Colfax Avenue, Denver

This newly renovated spot is one of the top choices on Colfax Avenue. They provide plenty of live music, a

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Stapleton is seeing several new businesses coming to the area or recently completed lately. There are more than a dozen new projects affecting the area this year and next. Stapleton is actually one of the country’s 6th best-selling master-planned communities. The city is going to be adding a commuter rail stop for traffic in the future between the Denver International Airport and Denver Union Station which was the motivation to add new businesses here. Here is a look at the plans for the community.

What will be coming to Stapleton?

Most of the developments are coming to the areas of downtown and the airport. It’s clear that based on the number of businesses being added that the community is a strong and growing success. The new businesses are

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If you fly out of Denver Airport often you may have noticed they have some amazing food in the airport. They were actually ranked in the top 10 for airport food among 100 U.S. airports. Between sit-down options and casual eateries, their 72 restaurants ranked them #8 on the list. You can enjoy a mix of local flavors with national brands. Here is a look at the food options in the different areas of the airport.

Concourse A

If you find yourself in Concourse A, you have the options of Denver ChopHouse that serves thick steaks, New Belgium Spoke which serves excellent New Belgium beer like Sunshine Wheat and Fat Tire brewred in Fort Collins, Colorado or Lavazza, an upscale coffee shop with an Italian coffee company.

Concourse B

Concourse B

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Bike Lane Construction

Good news for those that bike in Denver. It’s been announced that Arapahoe Street will be getting a permanent protected bike lane. The Downtown Denver Partnership’s October Member Forum brought mention of the exciting new project on the street in Denver.

They’ll first finish up a few temporary projects on that street and then implement the new bike lane in order to support larger Denver Moves Plan. Here is a look at the new protected bike lane and the plans Denver has.

Where is the Bike Lane going to be placed?

The new protected bike lane on Arapahoe Street is going to extend from Broadway to Speer. It’s considered a vital need for downtown Denver since that area is biked through often for downtown use and for the use of the business

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