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Chocolate Chip CookieCraving something delicious such as a chocolate chip cookie or another type of chocolate chip dessert can be frustrating. Sometimes it can seem impossible to find the perfect dessert without making it yourself. However, Denver is full of great places for chocolate chip desserts. Here are the top spots.

My Favorite Muffin - 1750 16th Street Mall

If you're craving a great muffin, this is the place for you. Of course, they carry a number of flavors, but two specific muffins stand out. One is a yellow cake chocolate chip muffin and the other is a dark cake chocolate chip muffin. Both are very large and provide a great treat for the morning, afternoon or evening.

Santa Fe Cookie - 303 16th Street

This one-of-a-kind cookie shop has amazing chocolate

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Sometimes, finishing the night at a hotel bar is the best way to go. You can get a room instead of driving and some of the best hotel bars in Denver will provide a great way to enjoy a night in the city. Here are some of the best Denver hotel bars.

Ship Tavern - 321 17th Street

Found in The Brown Palace, the Ship Tavern is one of the best vintage bars in the city. They serve excellent prime rib and the nautical theme is very attractive. They even provide live entertainment every week from Wednesday to Friday.

Peak's Lounge - 650 15th Street

The Hyatt Regency in Denver provides Peak's Lounge for your hotel bar needs. This is a great choice with the beautiful views of the Rocky Mounts and the Mile High skyline. Not only are the views amazing,

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Image Credit: is right around the corner and the Denver streets will be filled with all kinds of interesting events soon. Some of these events will be art festivals. Here are the best art festivals coming to Denver in the upcoming months.

Denver March Powwow - March 21st to 23rd

The first art festival of the spring will be held at the Denver Coliseum. The Denver March Powwow will feature all kinds of fun with nearly 100 tribes on hand from over 35 different states. They will perform all types of dance and plenty of art will be on hand, as well.

Festival of Balloons - March 26th to 30th

The Festival of Balloons will be held at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel. This event will be held in conjunction with the World Balloon Convention. Many twisted

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Louisville, Colorado is a town found near Boulder and provides homes for about 19,000 residents. It was listed as the top five places to live in the United States in 2005 and has been known as one of the top choices for many years.

The city was incorporated in 1982 by coal miners working the local mines. Louisville features a downtown with a main street full of shops and restaurants. Many of these local businesses reflect the variety of nationalities found within the town.

The summer brings plenty of festivals and events to the town. Many visitors arrive in Louisville for the different festivals throughout the summer season. Along with great events for entertainment, the town features Coal Creek Golf Course for those enjoying hitting the links.

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Forbes releases a number of rankings for cities across the world and in the United States every year. Denver, Colorado is often found on some of these lists because of the growth, surroundings and livability of the city. Here are a few of the lists Denver has been found on and what they mean.

#6 Best Places for Business and Careers

The "Best Places for Business and Careers" used a few specific categories to rank the cities across the United States. The ranking was based on a combination of the Cost of Business, Job Growth, Education and Population.

Denver was found in the sixth spot on this list, which is a good indicator of the city's job market. The cities found on this list are all growing and provide some of the better jobs throughout the

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CocktailDenver is full of great places for a local brew, glass of wine and even a great cocktail. Many unique drinks are served across the bar every day throughout the city. Here are some of the best places to get a delicious cocktail.

Steuben's Restaurant - 523 East 17th Avenue

This all-American restaurant provides plenty of great food and excellent cocktails. Their cocktail menu is one of the largest in the city and provides all the best American classics. They also provide signature drinks created by their own bartenders.

Williams & Graham - 3160 Tejon Street

The most old fashioned type of place to get a cocktail in the city, Williams & Graham will provide a speakeasy-type of experience. This choice is very intriguing and far different than any other

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A planned community found about 18 miles from downtown Denver; Ken Caryl is a popular neighborhood in the area. It's located southwest of Denver in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The community was started in 1970 and provides a home for more than 11,000 residents today.

This private oasis is perfect for those looking to live near the city, but enjoy their privacy. The community provides an amazing country environment with beautiful views, rolling grasslands, red rock formations and more. Residents also enjoy occasional wildlife sightings of mountain lions, deer black bears and elk.

An Outdoor Blend of Residential and Nature

Ken Caryl provides a blend of commercial buildings, recreational facilities, homes and nature. Residents can use all

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With all the snow coming through the area, it may seem like summer is never going to come. However, it's still the right time to start looking for the best summer camps for your children. Whether you want to find one of the Tech Camps or they prefer an Art Camp, there are plenty to choose from around Denver. Here are some of the top choices for the 2014 summer season.

Avid 4 Adventure - June 2nd to August 22nd

This summer camp is perfect for the active child seeking adventure. It's $395 per week and runs from 8:45am to 2:30pm daily. Those from pre-kindergarten to seventh grade can enjoy the camp. It will be held in Golden, Denver, Boulder and Highland Ranch, along with an overnight option in Bailey, Colorado.

Denver Botanic Gardens Day Camp -

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If you're new to Denver and you love to shop, you've probably already discovered one of the many large malls or shopping centers. However, you may be craving a different type of shopping experience and Denver has plenty to offer. Here are some of the top specialty shops to discover throughout the Mile High City.

Hammond's Candies - 5735 Washington Street

Those with a craving for something sweet will love what Hammond's Candies offers. This isn't the normal candy shop you find at the mall. Visitors actually get the opportunity to take a tour of the factory and see the lollipops, candy canes and other candies being made. Of course, you can shop here and take some of the creations home with you, too.

Marczyk Fine Foods - 770 East 17th Avenue


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Coffee CupDenver is known for local coffee shops and roasters. Many different techniques are used for roasting with the goal of creating a great tasting coffee with sustainability. Here are some of the top places to find locally roasted coffee in Denver.

Dazbog Coffee Company - 1090 Yuma Street

Two brothers started this business and they provide a rich roasting tradition mixed with Russian heritage. The best quality Arabica beans are used to create excellent roasted blends here. More than 25 locations are found throughout Denver.

Boxcar Coffee Roasters - 3459 Ringsby Court

With the use of the signature "Boilermakr," this coffee roasting company creates one of the best types of coffee in the city. This special device allows Boxcar Coffee to get the

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