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Microbrewery - Image Credit: are everywhere in Colorado, but where are the best ones in Fort Collins? If you’re looking for some local favorite breweries that are less-known, check out one of these gems in Fort Collins for some delicious ales, IPAS, and porters.

Black Bottle Brewery

1611 South College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO

The Black Bottle Brewery is actually located in the basement of a tap room and is one of the smallest in the city. Even though they are small, they have one of the biggest collections of beer and they have some awesome names. Try the Liquid Metal Stout, Smoker Lager, Recession Proof Porter, or Ahhh You Again Rye IPA.

New Belgium Brewing Company

500 Linden Street
Fort Collins, CO

New Belgium Brewing Company is the most famous brewery

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CocktailLooking for a great place in Denver to get all-you-can-drink specials and not empty your wallet? These locations are a great solution for those looking for alcohol deals while knowing they are ready to drink a lot on a budget. These restaurants offer amazing drink specials to accompany their tasty food options. Most can be found on Sunday’s which is perfect for a relaxing weekend treat.

The Corner Office

1401 Curtis Street
Denver, Colorado

The Curtis Hotel is home to the Corner Office, a place for brunch and drinks. Many people go with the red velvet pancakes and served with an “I will survive” mimosa. They offer a Di-No-Mite Bloody Mary bar so that you can customize it to your liking. This place is fun, unique, and original. Stop here for

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Denver Union Station Light RailThe Denver Union Station Transit Center has finally opened in downtown Denver after years of waiting. This will have a big effect on the way Denver residents commute on a daily basis, making this $500 million project, with three decades of preparation, a success.

What does the Union Station offer?

Union Station has so much to offer in addition to transportation. They are also offering dining, and lodging, making it more than just a place to hop on the train.


Modes of transportation that visitors can use are:

  • The Bus which is available now
  • The Light Rail which has been available since 2011
  • Coming in 2015, the commuter rail


While you are Union Station, take advantage of the shops and eateries

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Cheesman Park in Denver is a beautiful 80 acre park full of rolling hills and shaded trees. Most people don’t realize that underneath the park are the graves of people from the 19th century. Does that mean the park, being buried over several old graves, could be haunted?

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History of Cheesman Park

The park began in 1858 when the town of St. Charles Town Company was claimed by General William Larimer who called it Denver. The land was legally property of Arapho Indians. Once Larimer took control, he set out a part of the land to serve as a cemetery, called Mount Prospect Cemetery, and that cemetery is now Cheesman and Congress parks.

The cemetery was intended for the wealthy and influential citizens while the outer edge would be used for criminals

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Denver, Colorado is the perfect place to live if you are someone who enjoys history. The homes and buildings scattered throughout the city tell intriguing stories about the history of the city. In fact, the stories you can learn by exploring the city are more accurate than anything you'd read about in a book.

There are a number of different historic homes throughout the city that even offer tours. This is the best way for you to learn what the history of Denver is really all about. Here are some of the best historic homes to visit.

Four Mile Historic Park - 715 S. Forest Street

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This historic home was built in the year 1859. Did you know that it is actually one of the oldest historic homes in the state of Colorado? When the home was built, it

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Chances are pretty good you've been to (or at least thought about) going to a theme park at least once. The question is: what have you thought about a water park? If you live in Denver (or any city in Colorado really) and you have not considered going to Water World, you are missing out!

What is Water World?

Water World is the name of a water park located in Federal Heights, Colorado. It is just 10 miles to the north of Denver. This park first opened their doors to the public in 1979. At the time, it was the first two waterslides to be opened in the state of Colorado.

Did you know that this water park is one of the top six water parks in the United States? This is not just a water park, this is THE water park.

Now, after you've gone to this

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Labor Day is an American holiday that is celebrated on the first Monday of September every year. This year, the first Monday in September happens to be September 1st, 2014. This is a holiday that honors and celebrates everyone who works in the United States.

The purpose of the holiday is for you to take a day off from your job and spend it with friends and family members. Celebrate the fact that you work so hard all of the time. Some people just use it as a day to relax and catch up on some sleep.

What if you want to go out and have some fun in Denver on Labor Day weekend this year? Fortunately, there are lots of places you can go!

A Taste of Colorado

A Taste of Colorado is the name of a festival that happens every year on Labor Day weekend at

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Old BarbershopAn old-school barbershop can be the perfect choice for men. Whether you want to get the right cut or shave, this might be the right place for you. Denver is home to plenty of great choices throughout the city and the surrounding area. Here are some of the top old-school barbershops.

Ollie's Barber Shop - 2638 West 32nd Avenue, Denver

Those looking for a straight razor shave need to head to Ollie's. This is the place for the right treatment and provides plenty of great luxuries for men looking for the old-fashion experience.

Leetsdale Barbers - 600 South Holly Street, Denver

This barbershop is one of the best in the city and has won awards as the best one for years. It's a great place with a friendly staff and plenty of good deals. They provide

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Image Credit: has some of the best top clubs and EDM, electronic dance music, bars in the US. Denver celebrates all music genres and is one of the most diverse music scenes around. There are a few clubs that specifically play EDM on certain nights a week for those electronic fans.

The 1up

717 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO

The 1up bar is such a good time and locals love it. They have arcade games, a live music venue, and a full bar. It’s becoming one of the most popular clubs in Denver because it’s recently renovated stage and sound system are incredible which allows them to book a big variety of musicians to come perform. For EDM fans, come out on Wednesdays to hear EDM for “RE:UP Wednesdays.” They’ve also had EDM artists perform on the new stage like Rustie

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Training a DogTraining your dog can be tricky. Whether you want to teach your dog to do tricks or just obey simple commands, an obedience school can help. There are many great choices around Denver and here are some of the best obedience training programs for your dog.

Sit Means Sit - 8308 Church Ranch Boulevard, Westminster

This school provides plenty of great training programs ranging from basic to advanced. They even offer puppy management and training for aggressive dogs. The one-on-one sessions are great for some dogs, while others will prefer the group sessions offered here.

Wag and Train - 2000 West 8th Avenue, Denver

Both group and in-home training classes are offered by Wag and Train. They have been at it since 1992 and provide some of the most

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