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Image Credit: walking around Denver you have seen the number of art galleries on Santa Fe and must be asking there has to be some other spots in the city. Santa Fe isn’t the only area with plenty of art galleries. Here’s a list of some of the top Denver art galleries not found on Santa Fe.

Rule Gallery

Rule Gallery is on Broadway and has been open since 1987. The space frequently brings in top national artists to Denver. This gallery is a wonderful gem found in Denver which would rival the many art galleries in New York or Boston. The gallery changes the exhibit every one or two months, so you can come often and see some of the best contemporary artists the country has to offer.  


Neopolitan is located on East Colfax and features only

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PicnicThe tacky blanket is out, and the sandwiches are packed in the wicker basket now where should we go for a picnic? There are plenty of spots around Denver for your picnic. Here are just a few of the most popular.

City Park

Whether you are looking to drop in for a lovely Sunday night filled with jazz during City Park Jazz, or just wanting to enjoy the lake, City Park is your spot. The park has many large shady trees perfect for setting up a picnic underneath, while the kids play and chase the number of geese in the area. The park is the prime spot for a Sunday afternoon picnic, whether it be with the family or your significant other.

Confluence Park

Located in the heart of downtown, this beautiful little park is the perfect spot for the city

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Image Credit: light rail of Denver offers a convenient way for you to see a large number of the attractions that Denver has to offer. You cannot see every attraction the city has to enjoy, but you can see a lot of great ones. Here are some of the attractions you have to look forward to from the light rail.

Union Station

You can see Union Station from lines C, E, and W. The Union Station is considered to be the transit hub of the city of Denver. The station was given a facelift in during 2014. So, if you have not seen it recently – it might be time to see it again.

Elitch Gardens

You can see Elitch Gardens from lines C, E, and W as well. It is a theme park that has been providing Denver with fun since the year 1999. There are rollercoasters as well as a

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Denver Botanic Gardens - Image Credit: year, as summer approaches and the flowers start to bloom, the residents of Colorado all want the same thing: to get out and soak up the sun. You want to enjoy the beauty that is Colorado. There are a unique combination of flowers and plants that grow in this state that you are not going to find growing together in other places. So, what is the best way to see the beauty that is Colorado? You take a trip to one of these public gardens!

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens – 530 South Frontage Road – Vail, Colorado

This public garden is open from dawn till dusk, all year round. The peak season for seeing the best plants and flowers, however, is between the months of June and August. In addition to beautiful flowers and plants, this garden is home to

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EventsJuly is a pretty active month in terms of events in Denver, Colorado. If you find yourself bored during the month of July, it is probably because you are not trying hard enough to find something to do. Here are some of the more popular events during the month of July in Denver, Colorado.

Sunday, July 6, 2014 – City Park Jazz

The City Park Jazz concert is a free concert happening at the City Park for anyone who wants to enjoy classic Jazz music. The concert will take place from 6PM to 8PM on July 6th.

Thursday, July 10, 2014 – The Bicycle Men

"The Bicycle Men" is a comedy act that follows the adventures that an American cyclist has while he is in France. The opening night of "The Bicycle Men" happens at the Garner Galleria Theatre on July 10th

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ParkThere is nothing like a family picnic on a warm day to enjoy the spring, summer, or fall weather. Denver has many awesome picnic spots to choose from, each special in its own way. It doesn't matter which one you choose because these spots are all winners.

Sloan's Lake Park – 1700 South Sheridan Boulevard, Denver

Sloan's Lake is full of large trees to offer great shady places for a picnic. In addition to picnicking, the park has walking and running trails, paddle boats for rent, and tennis courts. A public bathroom that is kept pretty clean is also a nice addition.

Belleview Park – 5001 South Inca Drive, Englewood

Belleview Park offers plenty of room for families to picnic and enjoy the day. There are many different activities for the kids

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DonutsWhen you are in the mood for a doughnut, not just any store bought variety will do. You want a warm, soft, melt in your mouth cloud of deliciousness. Whether it be glazed, filled with jelly, or chocolate, these spots are just the place to satisfy that doughnut craving.

Dizzy's Donuts – 1606 Conestoga Street, Boulder

Dizzy's makes all of its doughnuts from scratch. They change up the menu to offer a variety of food including a ham doughnut sandwich or a jalapeno glazed doughnut. They have the classics such as jelly filled and fruit fitters, but they also offer their spin on usual favorites. The Boston cream is renamed Boulder cream and the traditional glazed doughnut is elevated with maple bacon.

Walton Donuts – 4086 South Parker Road, Aurora

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Image Credit: Gardens Theme and Water Park is the perfect destination for summer fun. Elitch Gardens is in the heart of Downtown Denver, so in addition to the park, there are plenty of activities for everyone.

Water Park

  • Hook's Lagoon: This feature is a five story tall treehouse that has 150 different water gadgets, an overhead barrel that periodically soaks everyone below it, and lagoon playgrounds. It is a perfect retreat for the kids.
  • Sun Plunge: The Sun Plunge is a 62 foot long water slide that sends riders sliding at impressive speeds.
  • Splashdown: This feature can be seen from all over the park. It is a 75 foot long raft ride that accommodates multiple people and has many twists and turns.
  • Commotion Ocean: This is a fun ride that allows
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Lone Tree was incorporated in 1995 and is one of the newer cities incorporated in Denver's South Metro area. It borders Douglas and Arapahoe Counties and leads to Denver's popular metropolitan area.

The City

Lone Tree is home to more than 7,000 people, a booming number compared to the 2000 population of 4,873 people. The nearby office space in Douglas County employs over 300,000 people, which explains one reason why the neighborhood is so popular. Other businesses in the community include CH2MHill, Invesco, and First Data.

The city also has a brand new, state of the art medical facility, Sky Ridge, which has 335 beds and a Level III trauma center. The city has access to a Call-n-Ride, the 2006 Light Rail service, and a RTD for public

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Image Credit: markets are very popular among those who are collectors, hobbyists, enjoy decorating or just like to find a good deal. It doesn’t matter what you like because flea markets offer a large variety of items that will bring hours of treasure seeking fun.

When you visit a flea market you will see a vast array of products, and typically you can snag some good deals. That is why people enjoy shopping at flea markets.Here are some flea markets in the Denver area that have a lot to offer you.

3 Kings Rock and Roll Garage Sale and Punk Rock Pot Luck - 60 S. Broadway, Denver

This is one cool flea market. Not only is there tons of shopping potential, you can also enjoy the cool DJ who will help you have a rocking good time, while you shop. Vendor space

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