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Image Credit: repeats itself. This is why we often see fashion trends that were very much "IN" in the 80s becomes the "IN" thing today. Vintage design never goes out of date. Most of the best and well-known stylists says, always make sure that your closet has good mix of everything, including vintage style clothing.

In Denver, you will find some of the best vintage stores offering plenty of vintages apparel. These stores make it easy to mix vintage clothing with modern clothing for the perfect look. Here are a few of the best vintage stores you will find in Denver for clothing.

Athena's Closet - 5305 East Colfax Avenue, Unit B, Denver

This particular vintage store is very popular when it comes to plus size vintage outfits. The shop also takes pride to

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Image Credit: residents of Denver, Colorado agree that it is one of the perfect places to live if you are someone who enjoys going on a lot of vacations. It is conveniently located within a reasonable distance of a lot of great places. The mountains, for example, are so close that a ski trip is always an option if you need something to do over the weekend. Here are a few of the great cities found near Denver and exactly how long it takes to get to them.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado is 29 miles away from Denver. It only takes about 30 minutes to drive there in mild traffic. The University of Colorado is located in this city. It is also the perfect city for people who like hiking and rock climbing thanks to the Flatiron Mountains.

Fort Collins,

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Image Credit: loves a good grilled cheese, especially on a chilly day, and Denver is the place to find a tasty grilled cheese sandwich. This ever popular dish can be found at many locations around the city that will give you a delicious, comfort-food type of meal.


523 E 17th Ave
Denver, CO 80203

Not only does Steuben’s offer grilled cheese, but it’s the place to go for happy hour and dinner, as well as brunch or take out. They even offer a food truck in the area. Their grilled cheese is known for its amazing flavor and you have the option to add green chili to yours.

Alehouse at Amato’s

2501 16th St.
Denver, CO 80211

This awesome restaurant in Denver, Alehouse at Amato’s, has a rooftop patio to enjoy a good brew with your meal. There

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Image Credit: shares, or Community Supported Agriculture farms, are a great way to access the freshest fruits and vegetables in Denver. Using these food shares allows people to get food delivered to their door or have the option to pick it up at the farm.

Mile High Organics

Mile High Organics was founded by Michael Joseph and his philosophy is to only offer organic and non-genetically modified foods in order to produce the healthiest produce. Not only does he offer produce, but he also has seafood, meats, bakery items, and fresh flowers. He offers delivery and recipes online.

Two in Tents Farm and Ranch

Two in Tents Farm and Ranch is a cooperative in Denver that has goods such as produce, local meats, and cultured kefir. At Two in Tents, they even

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BookstoreDespite the easy accessibility of eBooks and digital prints, book lovers will still find the need to visit a bookstore. There's just no substitute for actually holding the book in your hands. Colorado is home to many independent book stores. Here are a few of the best choices found throughout the state.

Bookworm Of Edwards - 295 Main Street, Edwards, Colorado

Located in the Riverwalk District is this cozy bookstore where booklovers can enjoy reading their favorite book while seated on a very comfortable couch. Seats are available indoors and outdoors, so people can choose the right spot to relax. The bookstore also offers free Wi-Fi and a coffee shop for those who want to bring their laptops or prefer to sip coffee while they read.

The Bookies -

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Image Credit: and kids that are big fans of railroad experiences will always be seeking a place they can go to learn and experience more about them. There are so many great museums and attractions in Denver for kids to enjoy their love for trains.

Colorado Railroad Museum

17155 W. 44th Ave
Golden, CO 80403

The most popular choice for kids, the Colorado Railroad Museum features railroads, trains and locomotive entertainment. With over 100 diesel, steam, and passenger cars, this huge museum has so much to see in its 15 acre railyard. Families can ride the rails or check out the HO Model Railroad for model train enthusiasts. This also makes for a unique location to host your child’s next birthday party, where parents can rent a Tahoe Dining Car or Party

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Image Credit: is always fun in Denver, due to the multitude of fun filled outdoor activities, the warm weather and the many events. When you live in the Denver area, you get to experience everything the city offers each summer. Here are some of the best outdoor activities in Denver for this summer.


Since the weather is friendlier during this time of the year, festivals are happening on every corner and in every town near Denver. Festivals in Denver are colorful, fun and educational. Some of the top area festivals include:

  • Colorado Renaissance Festival
  • Cherry Creek Arts Festival
  • Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

Public Pools

The best way to enjoy summer is to take a plunge in one of the many outdoor pools Denver has to offer.

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Ride sharing, also known as carpooling or sharing a ride is something that is not encouraged in some cities around the world. This is due to several reasons including, security or safety of the passengers and the affect it may have on other businesses providing public transportation to the area. Obviously, a large scale businesses in the transportation field will be affected when ride sharing (a very affordable means of transportation) becomes available to people.  

Despite the debate, when it comes to ride sharing, the local government of Denver, Colorado sees this in a different way. They see the benefits it can bring to residents, especially the ones who are looking for a more cost effective ride.

Ride sharing is a viable and very efficient

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Image Credit: trucks have become a staple and their own genre of food in the last couple of years. Around Denver, they have been popping up everywhere. Here’s a quick look at a few of the top Denver food trucks to dine at this summer.

Still Smokin

If you are missing your deep south roots, while living in Denver, this truck is for you. Still Smokin has everything from full racks of ribs to the amazing Ultimate Porker, which is a pulled pork sandwich with smoked bacon and sausage on a house roll. You can't miss this big black truck. Just follow your nose and you will be sinking your teeth into a sweet and juicy rack of ribs in no time.

Manna from Heaven

This brightly colored truck features tortillas, flatbreads, noodles and baguettes are freshly baked

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Image Credit: walking around Denver you have seen the number of art galleries on Santa Fe and must be asking there has to be some other spots in the city. Santa Fe isn’t the only area with plenty of art galleries. Here’s a list of some of the top Denver art galleries not found on Santa Fe.

Rule Gallery

Rule Gallery is on Broadway and has been open since 1987. The space frequently brings in top national artists to Denver. This gallery is a wonderful gem found in Denver which would rival the many art galleries in New York or Boston. The gallery changes the exhibit every one or two months, so you can come often and see some of the best contemporary artists the country has to offer.  


Neopolitan is located on East Colfax and features only

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