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Snooze is known as an AM eatery and serves many dishes with ingredients form local purveyors. Their list of purveyors is quite long and the menu provides a bit of something for everybody. Here's what you will find at Snooze.

The History

The restaurant was born in 2006 and founded by two brothers. They wanted to create an AM dining experience with innovative dishes, friendly service and a comfortable atmosphere. The cuisine is American with a twist and perfect for all ages.

The Menu

You will find plenty of interesting choices on the menu. Even the categories are interesting and include:

  • Flavors from the hen
  • The art of hollandaise
  • Our sammies
  • Sweet utopia
  • Like a feather
  • Flavor saveurs
  • Ahhh la carte
  • Drink & coffee
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Denver is full of fun candy shops to fill that sweet craving or to help you find the perfect gift for someone. All year offers a good time to stock up on candy, whether it’s Halloween time, Christmastime, Easter or your kid’s summer slumber parties and the kid’s want candy.

It’s fun to grab a bowl of ice cream, try a splurge-worthy truffle or pick up some nostalgic candy for the memories. Whether you need a sweet treat or want to get one for someone else, here are the best Denver Candy Shops that you have to check out.

Sugarlicious – 3000 East 3rd Avenue, Denver

Located in the Cheery Creek North area, Sugarlicious is the place to go when you need a little bit of everything. They have gummies, hard candies, chocolates and more. Stock up on

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Fruition Restaurant is Denver’s favorite place to go for a small, intimate neighborhood dining experience. It’s situated right in central Denver’s historic district where you’ll find comfort food paired with delicious wine and outstanding service. Chef Alex Seidel believes in comfort food served with sophistication in an intimate setting.

You can stop in seven days a week for their seasonally changing menu and wine list located at 1313 East 6th Avenue. Here is a look at what you can experience at Fruition Restaurant.


The restaurant’s menu is simple and elegant. You won’t have to think too hard about what to choose because they are one of those restaurants that simplifies the process and sticks with items that are seasonal. All you’ll

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Denver’s Comic Con 2015 is coming to town and you’re not going to want to miss it. It’s taking place at the Colorado Convention Center and is going to be a 4-day event. Prices start at $35 and include your chance to attend the premiere pop-culture fan experience, meet celebrities and see the massive exhibit of toys, games, art, collectibles and more.

Bring the whole family because there will be a family-fun activities area too. If you want to be a part of one of the biggest pop-culture experiences in the country, check it out in Denver this May.

About Denver Comic Con 2015

The Denver Comic Con is designed to educate children and the public through forms of pop culture, especially comic books, and to bring together a diverse group of people to

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If you love beer, finding the best microbreweries is important. Denver has plenty of great breweries, but there are more found in Jefferson County than you might think. Here's a quick look at a few of the top microbreweries in the area.

Ironworks Brewery - 12354 West Alameda Parkway, Lakewood

Those enjoying a great beer will love the Ironworks Brewery. This is the place for fresh flavors and plenty of specialty brewers. Whether you want to try the Tanglefoot Red Ale or the Scottish Ale, you will find something perfect for your palette here. They also carry a popular Vanilla Porter, the Alameda Amber and much more.

Odyssey Beerwerks Brewery and Taproom - 5535 West 56th Avenue, Arvada

Odyssey is known as a great spot for friends to gather

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The Mile High City is a great place for sunshine and off-road bike trails. With more than 850 miles of paved paths and many miles more of dirt paths, there are plenty of great spots for family bike riding. Here are some of the top trails to try with your family.

Cherry Creek Bike Path

A 40-mile trail found near water, the Cherry Creek Bike Path is an enjoyable place for a ride. It runs through a quiet neighborhood all the way to Franktown. There are plenty of upscale cafes found throughout the area to enjoy and the path even goes through one of the largest larks in the state. You can check out the Four Mile House and many other attractions along the path.

Clear Creek Bike Path

With about 20 miles of trail, this path provides beautiful

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You’ve probably heard about Jack Kerouac, novelist and the fact of the Beat Generation. He revolutionized the literary world with his novel “On the Road” back in 1957. He describes a series of cross-country road trips in his narrative in which he frequently stopped into Denver.

Narrator of “On the Road,” Sal Paradise, in a version of Kerouac while character of Dean Moriarty is a womanizing anti-hero based on Neal Cassady who grew up on the mean streets of the Mile High City. Here is a look at the places Jack Kerouac went in Denver.

Curtis Street

Sal Paradise describes those that hung out at 15th Avenue and Curtis Street known as the denizens. It makes Paradise feel the allure of the West since he is from the East Coast like Kerouac. He

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The Mt Evans Recreation Area is the perfect spot for those looking to take a mountain tour near the Colorado Springs area. Here you will be able to take two mountain tours: the Mt. Evans Tour and the Pikes Peak Tour. Here’s a quick look at both tours.

Mount Evans Tour

With the Mt. Evans Tour you will be picked up from your hotel at the departure time you chose. You will be driven to Arapaho National Forest which is an hour drive from the downtown area. This particular tour is not for the faint of heart. The terrain will change quite a bit as you go along. Overall you will travel around 8,000 feet. That is equal to a 4,800 mile drive.

The tour will last 5 hours and you will be driven in a Tahoe, Suburban or a similar vehicle. The cost for the

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Denver Airport Concourse B - Image Credit:,_Concourse_B.jpg

When it comes to airport food, Denver International Airport is ranked in the top 10. Denver International Airport, also known as DIA, got the number 8 spot on the list of a hundred airports in the United States. Thrillist praised them for the variety of food options they offer to travelers.

Overall they offer 72 different eating options including familiar national chains McDonald's, Jamba Juice and Dunkin Donuts. There is also a nice blend of local flavors you will only find in the Colorado area. Here is a quick rundown of some of the restaurants you will find in each section of the airport.

Main Terminal

On the main terminal you will find the Minnesota franchise, Caribou Coffee. If you are looking for a caffeine fueled beverage this is where

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Denver Comic Con is coming up and residents are getting pumped up for this exciting event. It’s happening May 23-25 with a Launch Night Opening ceremony on the 22nd. Take the RTD Transit to the Theatre District/Convention Center Station because the event is taking place in the Colorado Convention Center at 700 14th Street.

Along with big names guest appearances in Comic Books, Film and Television, Animation and Video Games, Comic Con will feature photos with celebrity guests, exhibitors and a great way to spend Memorial Day weekend. Here is a look at the upcoming event.

About Comic Con

It’s a three-day family friendly, pop culture fan convention with the Denver Comic Con and Literary Conference. You’ll experience the best in comics along with

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