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Living just outside the Downtown area of Denver may be appealing to many relocating to the area. Denver suburbs provide an excellent place for new residents to call home. Some of the suburbs in Denver include:


This is a diverse area with single family homes, luxury residences and horse properties. Arvada is located west of Denver, close to the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Bow Mar

Just 12 miles to the southwest of Denver, Bow Mar provides plenty of access to big city amenities. With about 1,000 residents, it's small, yet close to the city. This quiet suburb provides many private amenities, the Bow Mar Lake, a private Yacht club, sandy beaches, picnic areas, fishing and so much more.


An older neighborhood

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Moving to Denver can be stressful. However, spending time researching different neighborhoods in the city, can be helpful. Here are some of Central Denver neighborhoods.

Capitol Hill

As one of the top historic neighborhoods, Capitol Hill provides plenty of great homes and places to enjoy. With the urban revival of the downtown area, Capitol Hill has become one of the most popular in the city.

City Park

The houses in City Park are known as a tourist attraction and this neighborhood is located close to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the Denver Zoo. There's a golf course here with three lakes, along with plenty of restaurants.

Washington Park

This popular neighborhood borders Washington Park, which provides plenty of great

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Denver is a beautiful city found in Colorado and provides many benefits. Of course, when you're considering relocating to an area for a new opportunity or any other reason, there are certain things you consider including education, entertainment and recreation. We all want to feel at home in our new city and know we will have the things you love around us. Denver offers something for everybody and here are the top five reasons to move to Denver.

Job Opportunities

If you're not relocating because you've already been offered a job, you can find one pretty easily. The state is the largest employer in the area and provides many government and university jobs throughout Denver. Not only does the state provide plenty of jobs, but also the many businesses

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Littleton’s real estate market is picking up, and like other areas in the US, it looks as though now is the ideal time to buy.

Littleton Real Estate Market Trends - April 2013

The total inventory of homes on the market in April 2013 was 315 homes. This is a drop of 2% from March 2013 when the figure was 321 homes. There is a decrease of 45% from April 2012, when total inventory was 572 homes, indicative of lower invetory of homes currently on the market as is seen across Denver area.

The median home listing price in April 2013 was $404,500. The median price was 1% different from March 2013. It is quite typical to see very small changes month to month. However, looking April 2012 figures, there is a jump of 18%. The median price in April 2012

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Englewood is experiencing a very nice shift in the real estate market that is not thought to be temporary.  As the real estate market is in recovery, more and more home buyers are edging to the market. The snapshot for Englewood real estate trends and statistics for April 2013 is encouraging. Let’s take a closer look.

The total inventory of homes available on the market in April was 82 homes. This is 14% less than in March 2013 when the total figure was 96 homes. Compared April 2012 there was almost double the number of homes on the market with 159 homes.

The median home listing price in April was $252,000. In March 2013 the listing price was $245,000. Compared to April 2012 there is an increase of 12% from home listing price of $224,900.

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Fort Collins real estate market has picked up over the past 15 months. Interest rates are low, homes are still affordable, and the economy is growing stronger each day.

Fort Collins Real Estate Trends April 2013

The total inventory of homes on the market in April 2013 was 888 homes. This figure is up 9% from March when the total inventory of homes on the market was 836 homes. Compared to a year ago in April, the inventory decreased 21%. The number of homes on the market in April 2012 was 1,119. 

The median listing price in April $289.000. This is very similar to the median listing price of March, which was $294.500. Compared to a year ago in April there is an increase of 9%. The median list price in April 2012 was $265,000. 

The median

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The nation has been reporting a soar in home prices throughout the United States.  Some particularly hard hit areas are feeling a long over-due sense of relief. Values are still good, interest rates are still low, and homes are going faster. Let’s take a look at a real estate market in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs Real Estate Market Report - April 2013

Homes on the market in Colorado Springs currently consists of 145 homes. This figure is up 18% from March 2013 when the figure was reported to be 123 homes. The total inventory in April 2012 was 128 homes on the market. 

The median list price of homes is currently at $250,430. This is down 11% from a month ago when the median value of homes was listed at $279,900.  Compared to this time

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Home buyers and investors across the world are taking an interest in the US real estate market, and this is the said to be a buyer’s opportunity that will be remembered in history.  Interest rates are low, home prices on an upswing, and the economy is good- a winning combination that has many individuals getting involved.  Boulder is one of Colorado's gems, and an interest to many buyers around the world.  Let’s take a look at Boulder’s April 2013 real estate trends and statistics. 

The total number of houses on the market in Boulder in April 2013 was 770 homes.  This is up 7% from March 2013 when there were 723 homes on the market.  The inventory of homes decreased a whopping 31% from a year ago, when the number of homes on the market was at

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Like other areas in the nation, Aurora, Colorado is experiencing a favorable shift in the real estate market.  When we take a look at its snapshot, we see some wonderful stats that show that Aurora is in a housing recovery. Let’s take a look at a few comparisons. 

Currently, the total number of homes on the market is at 563 homes. This is an increase of 8% from March 2013 when the total inventory was reported to be 521. In April 2012, the total inventory was at 764 homes.

The median home list price is currently $237K. This is a decrease of 5% from March 2013 when the median list price of homes was $249,950.  Looking back to April 2012, the median list price was at 239,900. 

Homes are selling faster; the average days on market (DOM) in April

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Home in Cherry Hills VillageRecently, The Wall Street Journal did a spotlight piece on Cherry Hills Village and called it "one of the most affluent communities in the USA." This is a wealthy neighborhood located just outside of Denver with many celebrity residents, such as Walter Isenberg, John Elway and Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning didn't waste any time settling into this neighborhood after signing with the Denver Broncos and he wasn't the first. He joined many high-profile business owners and local athletes in one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in all of Colorado.

Cherry Hills Village is found about 20 minutes to the south of downtown Denver. It's only about 6.5 square miles and doesn't offer much shopping. With 25 miles of trails, 47 acres of parks and one very small

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