International Buyers Head for American Cities

Posted by TheHomeCart .com on Thursday, December 1st, 2011 at 9:40pm.

Headlines blared over this past summer about the influx of international buyers into the American real estate market, touting the effects of investment, leisure and relocation purchases made by people overseas. While Miami, Las Vegas and the coastal town of California captured much of the media attention, the truth is that international buyers have been showing interest in many of the United States' major metropolitan areas, with areas as diverse as Denver, Colorado and Houston, Texas topping the lists. The why of it is simple - jobs and local attractions…

Denver's natural beauty, its growing economy, and excellent quality of life are drawing business and workers here from all over the world, and savvy buyers want to be a part of that ongoing growth. Denver is one of the top destinations for young adults looking to start a new life, attracted in part by the business-friendly climate that has encouraged new and established companies to base their operations in the Mile-High city. Tech companies, online ventures, biotechnology and energy are just some of the industries calling Denver home, and their demand for skilled workers (along with the strong salaries and benefits they offer) are the siren song to many who are looking for a better life, with more enjoyment and more financial security.

In Houston, the story is the same. Texas' hot economy has shown stability, even for Texas new homes, and some moderate growth in certain industries throughout the recent recession, proving that the entrepreneurial spirit of Texas is a hard one to keep down. Houston itself is rapidly becoming the choice American-seat of many international corporations, giving strong economic and socio-political cache to this Southern city.

International buyers are heeding the call as well. Whether they are young professionals recruited into the Houston business scene, or world-class travelers eager to explore Denver's exceptional skiing and outdoor recreation, Denver has a place for them. Many of these buyers are taking the opportunity of a soft market to snap up luxury properties at astounding value—market conditions unparalleled in most of their home countries. Denver's perfectly-appointed downtown condos offering scintillating skyline and mountain views, and Houston's sprawling estates on the outskirts of the city both cater to specific niches of international buyers, and in both markets demand from these buyers has been steady.

In any market, international buyers need look no further than local real estate agents when it comes to accommodating their needs throughout the purchase process. With intimate local knowledge of their respective markets, and familiarity with the unique factors that come into play during an international transaction, local real estate agents offer the spectrum of services needed to make the property purchase process run smoothly.

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