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Starting on May 18th and running through May 19th, the Annual Indian Market and Powwow at The Tesoro Cultural Center will take place. With over 50 of the top award winning Native American artists on hand, this is a great place to find jewelry, pottery, easel art and more. The event will include plenty of entertainment, as well, including dancers and drummers.

Bring the family and learn about all the traditional dances and regalia or just enjoy watching the many displays of culture. Some of the artists on hand include:

  • Bobby Bales - Taos Pueblo, Drum Maker
  • Virginia Yazzie Ballenger - Navajo, Traditional Clothing Designer
  • Al Chandler Good Strike - Gros Ventre, parfleche, drums
  • Linda Lucero Fragua - Jemez, Pottery Storytellers
  • Nelson Garcia - Santo
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Target LogoTamarac Square is the site for the new Target store that will open in July 2013.  It will be located at the South Tamarac Drive corner of East Hampden Avenue.  The new Tamarac Square location will provide its clients daily essentials that Target is known for.  It will also have an expanded food selection including fresh meat, fresh produce, baked goods, a pharmacy and Starbucks.  Target also announced its plans to open 11 more U.S. Target Stores in 2013. 


A job fair will be put into action two months before the store opens.  The new store will generate 200 jobs in the area.  Mark Everett, group director of Target stores, expresses his excitement on bringing over an additional Target store to Denver.  He said that the additional new jobs will

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While all of the real estate in Denver is local, it is always important to keep in mind that property buyers are not necessarily from the area. As a global marketplace, the actions of global buyers have a direct and lasting impact on our local economy and real estate market. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on international home buying activity and how it impacts the state of Colorado as well as the Denver area.

According to a recent REALTOR® report, the total sales volume to international clients from March 2011 to March 2012 was an estimated $82.5 billon. These figures represent a significant leap when compared to the period that spanned from March 2010 to March 2011, during which time the total sales volume to international clients was an

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Headlines blared over this past summer about the influx of international buyers into the American real estate market, touting the effects of investment, leisure and relocation purchases made by people overseas. While Miami, Las Vegas and the coastal town of California captured much of the media attention, the truth is that international buyers have been showing interest in many of the United States' major metropolitan areas, with areas as diverse as Denver, Colorado and Houston, Texas topping the lists. The why of it is simple - jobs and local attractions…

Denver's natural beauty, its growing economy, and excellent quality of life are drawing business and workers here from all over the world, and savvy buyers want to be a part of that ongoing growth.

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A new survey released by the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE) indicates 31 percent of survey respondents are more hopeful about the U.S. real estate market than they were last January. Most of the 200 AFIRE members surveyed plan to invest substantially more during the rest of 2009 than year to date. On the debt side, they expect to invest three times more. Equity investors expect to place seven times more. To date, 75 percent of the survey respondents have not yet invested in 2009 but more than two-thirds of them plan to invest some debt or equity in U.S. real estate before the end of the year.

Survey respondents chose the office sector as the preferred property type for their real estate investment dollars, followed by the…
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Foreign investors in real estate expect to spend substantially more in 2009, and they greatly favor lending and investing in U.S. real estate, according to the annual survey of members of the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE).

Highlights of the 17th annual survey include:

Loans: Foreign real estate lenders plan to increase lending by 58 percent in the U.S. and by 54 percent globally.

  Equity investors plan to increase investment activity by 73 percent in the U.S. and by 40 percent globally.

U.S. Real Estate Preference: 53 percent of survey respondents ranked the U.S. as the country providing the most stable and secure real estate investments. And 37 percent ranked the U.S. as the country providing the best opportunity for…
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