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Lone Tree was incorporated in 1995 and is one of the newer cities incorporated in Denver's South Metro area. It borders Douglas and Arapahoe Counties and leads to Denver's popular metropolitan area.

The City

Lone Tree is home to more than 7,000 people, a booming number compared to the 2000 population of 4,873 people. The nearby office space in Douglas County employs over 300,000 people, which explains one reason why the neighborhood is so popular. Other businesses in the community include CH2MHill, Invesco, and First Data.

The city also has a brand new, state of the art medical facility, Sky Ridge, which has 335 beds and a Level III trauma center. The city has access to a Call-n-Ride, the 2006 Light Rail service, and a RTD for public

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6673 Twisted Oak Dr, Castle PinesCastle Pines is a lovely neighborhood in Castle Rock, Colorado that has an abundance of gorgeous mountain views and beautiful pine trees. The gated community is full of luxury homes that range in prices. Smaller patio homes and town homes are available under $600,000, while luxury homes will cost you $1,500,000 or more.


Castle Pines is a gated community with its own security staff. In addition to acres of mountain views, residents enjoy a recreational center that has exercise equipment, an indoor lap pool, an outdoor pool, a park, and tennis courts. The neighborhood also has its own golf club, Castle Pines Country Club, which offers social and golf memberships. The International Golf Club calls Caste Pines its home, as well. The club may

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154 Fairfax St, DenverHilltop is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Denver and has been for many years. Ever since the 1930s, the area has been on the cutting-edge of architecture. Today, the homes are still mainly designed with 1930s and 1960s architecture, which can be very desirable for the buyer looking for a home with character.

Most of the homes in the Hilltop area are ranch-style and two stories. Many feature remodeling and some new homes have been built as "in-fills". Even the new homes fit with the overall appeal of this neighborhood. However, the newer homes come with a higher cost and typically sell for $1 million or more.

The influx of "in-fills" has given the Hilltop area a variety of home options. From older homes with a lower price tag and smaller

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Golf ClubIf you're moving to Denver and you love golf, there's no better suburb for you than Aurora, Colorado. With the Denver area providing all four seasons, golf is a very popular activity throughout most of the year. Only the few months of winter hold golfers back and it's not for very long. Here's why Aurora is such a great golf community.

Fourteen Golf Courses

It starts with the shear selection of golf courses in Aurora. The suburb is home to 18 total courses and 14 clubs. This provides plenty of variety for the golfer not looking to settle into playing the same golf course every single time they play. Whether you're a serious golfer or just beginning, you can find the right course for you in Aurora.

Aurora golf courses include:


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Known as one of the most prestigious residential areas in the city, Polo Club is a country club type of neighborhood. It was originally an area where polo ponies grazed the terrain. This changed when four millionaires bought the 160-acre area to use it for polo matches. This happened about a century ago and the club was completed in 1926.

When this club was completed, some of the most prestigious Denver families relocated to this area from the Denver Country Club area. The ponies may not be in this area any longer, but the neighborhood is still full of elegant homes sitting on lots up to two acres in size.

Boundaries of the Neighborhood

The Polo Club neighborhood is found between Exposition Avenue to the north, Mississippi Avenue to the south,

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1221046a_200Living in luxury is a wonderful thing. It reduces stress, and helps you feel more comfortable and relaxed. It's nice to have the finer things in life, but you also want to make sure you're getting what you want, not just buying something because of its price tag. Don't focus on the expectations of others. Consider only what matters to you. That will help guide you to something truly luxurious that you can enjoy for a very long time. Granite, hardwood, quality fixtures, and high-end appliances are all to be found in luxury homes, but beyond that you have a lot of options to choose from.

Many homes are for sale in the Denver area that have elegance and beauty. These are quality homes that are built by the finest builders in the area. Additionally, many of

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Living just outside the Downtown area of Denver may be appealing to many relocating to the area. Denver suburbs provide an excellent place for new residents to call home. Some of the suburbs in Denver include:


This is a diverse area with single family homes, luxury residences and horse properties. Arvada is located west of Denver, close to the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Bow Mar

Just 12 miles to the southwest of Denver, Bow Mar provides plenty of access to big city amenities. With about 1,000 residents, it's small, yet close to the city. This quiet suburb provides many private amenities, the Bow Mar Lake, a private Yacht club, sandy beaches, picnic areas, fishing and so much more.


An older neighborhood

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Home in Cherry Hills VillageRecently, The Wall Street Journal did a spotlight piece on Cherry Hills Village and called it "one of the most affluent communities in the USA." This is a wealthy neighborhood located just outside of Denver with many celebrity residents, such as Walter Isenberg, John Elway and Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning didn't waste any time settling into this neighborhood after signing with the Denver Broncos and he wasn't the first. He joined many high-profile business owners and local athletes in one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in all of Colorado.

Cherry Hills Village is found about 20 minutes to the south of downtown Denver. It's only about 6.5 square miles and doesn't offer much shopping. With 25 miles of trails, 47 acres of parks and one very small

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1162770a_384With a shortage of affordable homes in Downtown Denver and the Lower Highlands, many buyers are looking at other neighborhoods as alternatives. One of the areas becoming very popular for both re-location and as a new location for new residents is Tennyson Street. This market is heating up and many of the best homes near downtown are located here.

Most buyers must be patient if they want a downtown location, but this isn't always an option. With so many people moving to Denver and locals looking to relocate closer to downtown, it's become a difficult to find the right home, with the right location, in a reasonable amount of time. This is a good sign for the Denver real estate market, but frustrating for some buyers.

What Tennyson Street Offers


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Looking for one of the true contemporary homes in the Denver area isn't easy, but there is an area known for these types of homes. Stapleton is known for true contemporary homes and not the dated ones built in the 70s and 80s. Even though this type of home is a bit harder to find, it's still possible and looking in Stapleton will provide the best opportunity.

These homes are in very high demand and prices are going up because of the demand. Many found in Stapleton, recently, have sold for prices far above the other style homes found in the same area. Even with the increased pricing, the homes found in Stapleton still provide a better value than other Metro areas. Contemporary style homes range from about 1,400 square feet to over 4,500 square feet in

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