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When you are ready to sell your home, one thing you might not know how to handle is deciding whether or not to remain in your house when its being shown.  The real estate agent needs to be there to explain everything to viewers, answer questions, and try to peak their interest. How comfortable are people being shown a house by the actual sellers? Here is what happens when a seller remains in the home while its being shown for sale.

It’s Uncomfortable for the Buyer

A seller may think they are being helpful, showing unique qualities that the house would offer, but in reality a buyer will feel uncomfortable. A buyer may feel that the seller is following them around during their tour and it goes against expected etiquette. A listing agent should inform

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City Park is a 330-acre area full of recreation, nature and plenty of attractions. It's home to the Denver Zoo, an IMAX theatre and the Colorado Museum of Natural History. This urban park also contains the City Park Golf Course, Duck Lakes and a boathouse. You can find the park in the east-central part of Denver, about a mile from Downtown.

The neighborhoods around the park have become very popular over the past few years because of this great park. Colfax is one of the most popular areas for new residents because of the park, the stores, the restaurants and everything else making this area very desirable.

As the premier park in Denver, the park hosts many events throughout the year including a summer concert series. Residents can rent paddleboats

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Relax, relax this isn't some stupid post about making money online...we're talking about actually making money, or at least seeing how it's done. You may or may not be aware that the United States Mint is actually located in downtown Denver, Colorado. Since it was first founded in 1792 the United States Mint in Denver, one of six around the country, has been producing up to 50 million coins every single day - transforming a single blank slug of metal into the shiny change you use in your daily life.

Now the good news is that you can actually go on a tour of the mint and see how your coins are actually made, with the free tours starting every 30 minutes or so. One word of warning here is that these tours are very popular, so do your best to make reservations…
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Did you know that most of the western world is actually in the middle of an obesity crisis right now and that this same crisis is crippling the health care systems of many countries, including the United States? Even more worrying is that obesity, and its related illnesses, is currently costing the U.S. in excess of US$200 billion each year! To put some perspective on that it costs around US$3 billion to build a space shuttle and the cost of setting up a colony on Mars is around US$80 billion.

So what makes us say that Denver is the capital of healthy living? Well the fact that Colorado is the only state in the U.S. where the obesity rate is less than 20% is there for starters. Now don't get us wrong - the food in Denver is absolutely amazing with something…
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There are a lot of great reasons for you to move to Denver like the amazing scenery, hundreds of parks, miles of hiking trails and having the Rocky Mountains in your back yard. One major perk you might not have considered though is that because you'll be living in the Midwest you can also enjoy the fact that the cost of living in Denver is lower than many other places in the country. The sample data we're going to provide here is based on the cost of living in Denver vs. Los Angeles, just so you can get a real feel for what Denver can offer your family in economic terms.

Obviously the first thing you'll need to know is the cost of property in the Denver and how it compares. If you decide to rent an apartment in Denver it will cost you roughly 30% less than…
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The Colorado Economic Development Commission has approved $13.1 million in state tax credits for three companies as an incentive for them to bring in 1,533 new jobs to the state. Certain conditions are attached to the tax credits, and the amount of incentives received may be reduced if the companies fail to deliver all of the employment expected. Another possibility is that other states may offer better incentives, thus Colorado would risk missing out on significantly boosting its employment level.

One of the companies is Redwood Trust Inc., a California real estate investment trust specializing in commercial and residential mortgages. This company is exploring the possibility of moving its operations to Douglas County, Colorado, and in the process

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One of the most curious real estate transactions of the year is reported to be on the verge of completion in the city of Aurora, according to local media reports. The deal will see the sale of a run-down, 10 acre, mixed use property valued at just $77,000 changing hands for a whopping $2.75 million!

Unused for 28 years, the 10-acre property site was once a thriving shopping establishment in the center of Aurora.  

For years, city officials and neighbors have debated about what to do with the property, yet repeated discussions consistently came to nothing. Now however, it’s being reported that a deal has all but been agreed, and a contract to buy the land is scheduled to be finalized by the Aurora Urban Renewal Authority.  

According to the contract agreed…
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When meeting with real estate agents to discuss the sale of your home, one area you should certainly discuss is marketing strategies. Undoubtedly, you want to find a real estate agent who will fully utilize the Internet and all of the possibilities that it presents. While any reputable real estate agent will have home listings on his or her Website, you may be wondering whether or not you should insist on a standalone Website that is dedicated solely to your home. Although there are a few distinct possible exceptions to the rule, such as celebrity homes that have hit the market, it is generally better to stick with the agent’s multi-listing Website. Here is a look at just a few reasons why.

Reason #1: Search Engine Rankings

One reason to avoid creating

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With all of the advancements that have been made in home printers and software, some homeowners might be tempted to create their own marketing materials from home. While a few select individuals may have the skills and the equipment necessary to pull this off, most sellers are better off hiring a professional printer to create their marketing materials. Here is a look at the top 3 reasons why hiring a professional is the better choice.

Reason #1: Save Time

One reason to hire a professional printer to create the marketing materials is to save time. Unless you already have a high level of graphic design knowledge, creating the image yourself and then printing it off at home can take quite a bit of time to accomplish. Furthermore, you may have to invest a

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