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Denver is gearing up for the holiday season with some great family-friendly events. The Mayor is even asking that people get out of the house and enjoy the magic of the season with the Mile High Holiday events. Here is a look at the top 12 events in Denver for Christmas.

Zoo Lights

The Denver Zoo is lighting up this holiday season and bringing animals to life. Their real animals are indoors keeping warm but you can see lighted up animals around the zoo. It starts at 5:30pm until 9pm every day from December 5th through January 4th. It costs $13 for adults and $9 for children to check it out. They’ll have 38 acres of lights and feature over 150 animated animal sculptures

The Nutcracker Ballet

Stop by the Ellie Caulkins Opera House to

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East High School - Photo Credit: High School may seem like just a place for education, but there's a little history here, as well. The school was started in 1859 as a log cabin and had an enrollment of 13 students. The current location didn't open until 1925 and it was part of a "City Beautiful" campaign. This same campaign was responsible for the Civic Center Park.

Even with the new location, the school still provides a distinctive type of architecture. However, it's not air conditioned. Many consider East High School to be a Denver landmark due to the history and how long it's been available for students.

The current school lacks a magnet program, but they do provide many AP courses ranging from World History to Art. They also provide a sports program with two state

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Denver isn't a city full of waterfront areas with new homes. Southshore in Aurora is one of the few areas with waterfront homes and it's one of the most popular choices. With homes ranging from $300K to $600K, you can find a great new home on the water here.

This is a bit of an unknown community for most in the Denver area, but the neighborhood found in Aurora is a great place for those relocating. If you love living on the water, this may be your only real choice for a new home on the water.

The community was established in 2005 and is found on the south shore of the Aurora Reservoir. The community is all about living on the water and many of the monuments and subdivision names have to do with the water. Plenty of playgrounds, greenbelts, trails,

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Moving to Denver provides the opportunity for a great education. Many schools throughout the area are highly ranked by the community. If you're relocating to Denver for a new job or any other reason, choosing the right neighborhood will make a difference in your children's education. Here are the top schools throughout the area.

Top Elementary Schools

All of the following elementary schools received a 10/10 from and at least 4 of 5 stars from the community:

  • Challenge School - K-8 rated as a 5-star school
  • Bromwell Elementary - K-5 rated as a 4-star school
  • Carson Elementary - PK-5 rated as a 4-star school
  • Cory Elementary - PK-5 rated as a 4-star school
  • Steck Elementary - PK-5 rated as a 4-star school
  • Slavens -
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If you're moving to Denver and you will be living in the Aurora Public School District, it's important to choose the right school for your children. The state of Colorado uses what's known as intradistrict choice and interdistrict choice for parents. This helps you to be able to choose the best place for your child to receive their education.

You can find Aurora Public School ratings at as well as read community reviews of schools.

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A very important part of relocating to Denver with your family is the education of your children. Providing the best education for your children is important and understanding the schools in your area will help you choose the right education for your kids. If you live in Jefferson County, your children are served by the Jeffco Public Schools.

The Jeffco Public Schools are one of the 50 largest school systems in the country and had the third best graduation rate of all the top 50 school districts in the country. This is three years in a row the school district has landed in the top five. Some of the top schools within the Jeffco school district include:

Elementary Schools

  • Parmalee Elementary School K-5.
  • Wilmot Elementary School - Found in
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school_250Parents looking for the best private school for their children have plenty of choices throughout Denver. This area is full of great public schools, but if you prefer a private education for your kids, here are the top choices throughout the city.

Private Schools

  • Colorado Academy - This is a co-ed college preparatory school for grades nine through 12. It's both a boarding and a day school.
  • The Denver Academy - This co-ed college prep schools provides programs for grades three to 12 with residential programs for high school students. They put an emphasis on educating underachieving students.
  • Graland Country Day School - Graland is a co-ed day school for kindergarten through ninth grade students.
  • Kent Denver School in Englewood - A co-ed school for
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If you have kids that are of the age where a university education is their next step in life then you'll want to know what kind of universities are available in Denver no doubt? Or perhaps you're interested in postgraduate studies as part of your own ongoing education? The good news is that not only does Denver have an excellent range of institutes of higher learning in the city and nearby but the University of Denver is ranked as being one of the best universities in the entire country - it's currently ranked in the top 100 in that regard.

The University of Denver isn't a new university by any means and was first founded in 1864, so you can rest assured that it's both well managed - the quality of degree programs on offer here is well above that of most…
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Knowing a little bit about the different neighborhoods in Denver is always useful if you're planning on moving here. After all every neighborhood is different so you'll find that each one may or may not appeal to you for specific reasons - usually depending on whether or not you have a family or you're still living the single lifestyle. In any case what we've put together for you here is our list of some of the best neighborhoods in Denver, so at least the early stages of your relocation research is already done for you.

Capitol Hill
If you're still single and you want to enjoy all of the late night entertainment that Denver has to offer than living in or near Capitol Hill is going to make a lot of sense. The entire downtown area is currently being revived…
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This past Monday, two Colorado Colleges were named in the Princeton Review’s annual list of the150 best values in higher education.

On the list of public universities was the University of Colorado Boulder.  Currently, there are 25,782 undergraduates enrolled in the University.  Colorado Boulder’s out of state tuition is $28,850 and their in state tuition is $7,672.   

The second college on the list was Colorado College, a private institution.  Currently, there are 2,040 undergraduate students enrolled in Colorado College located in Colorado Springs.  Tuition costs at Colorado College are $39,900 annually.

The top ranking public college was the University of North Carolina, while the top ranking private school was the Williams College in Williamstown,…
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