Where does Denver Airport Rank for Food?

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Denver Airport Concourse B - Image Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Denver_International_Airport,_Concourse_B.jpg

When it comes to airport food, Denver International Airport is ranked in the top 10. Denver International Airport, also known as DIA, got the number 8 spot on the list of a hundred airports in the United States. Thrillist praised them for the variety of food options they offer to travelers.

Overall they offer 72 different eating options including familiar national chains McDonald's, Jamba Juice and Dunkin Donuts. There is also a nice blend of local flavors you will only find in the Colorado area. Here is a quick rundown of some of the restaurants you will find in each section of the airport.

Main Terminal

On the main terminal you will find the Minnesota franchise, Caribou Coffee. If you are looking for a caffeine fueled beverage this is where you will find it. Red Rocks Bar & BBQ is also in the main terminal.

Concourse A

In concourse A you will find some one of the best steakhouses in Denver, the Denver Chophouse. This restaurant has been in downtown Denver for many, many years. It is actually considered an institution in the area. If you want a cup of coffee, stop by Lavazza, they brew a mean espresso. For all the beer lovers out there, New Belgium Spoke is where you need to be.

Concourse B

In concourse B you will find Etai's Cafe & Bar, Pour La France, and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. If you are looking for a healthy option Etai's Cafe & Bar is your best bet. Pour La France is one of the best breakfast spots at DIA. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory on the other hand is a chocolate lovers dream.

Concourse C

There are two main restaurants in Concourse C. Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery and Root Down Restaurant. Root Down Restaurant is all about organic, very healthy food. If healthy food is not your thing, grab a big juicy burger from Rock Bottom.

Whether you travel regularly for business or you just go to the airport occasionally, it’s good to know that the Denver airport ranks so high for food.

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