Attraction Spotlight: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

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The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has one goal and that is to inspire action by connecting people with wildlife. They do this by providing a variety of different activities that are designed to be both fun and educational. One of the activities you will have access to include the Zoo Exploration Tours. These tours will literally take you for a walk on the wild side.

Someone from the Zoo's education department will take you on a journey you will never forget. All tours give you the opportunity to meet an animal up close and personal. In some cases you may even get some hands on experience. As far as tours go, you can either choose from a set of topics or you can create your own.

Some of the suggested topics include:

  • African Animals
  • Habitats
  • Zoo History
  • Veterinary Sciences

Tour Costs

Each group containing 10 paid children will receive free admission for one adult. Passes and memberships are not accepted in place of regular admission fees. Each group is allowed to have a maximum of 25 children. At the time of booking a non-refundable deposit must be made.

A one-hour tour will cost $45 plus regular admission. A two hour tour will cost $75 plus regular admission. Regular admission is as follows:

  • 18 years and younger - $6.25 each
  • Anyone over the age of 18 - $14.25 each

Other events you can participate in include:

  • Zoo Career Day
  • Animal Training & Behavior Workshop
  • Mom & Me Wildnight
  • Run to the Shrine
  • Endangered Species Day
  • Boo at the Zoo
  • Reptile Care 101
  • Military Appreciation Week
  • Summer Camps
  • And so much more!

If you want to learn more about the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo visit them online at There you will be able to find a list of all events as well as the dates they are available.

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