How Much Room Does a Room Take? Space Allocation in a Home

The National Association of Home Builders examined the allocation of space in new single family homes, based on the size of the home. The survey results from 204 home builders indicated that the largest space is taken by bedrooms at almost 30% of the space of a home. This is followed by bathrooms, kitchens and family/living rooms, the space was determined to be dependent upon the size of the home.

Bedroom space takes up just under 29% of floor space in new homes, regardless of house size. In Colorado, the average family size is roughly 3 people per home; this necessitates several bedrooms in a new home (most likely a master and one or two bedrooms for kids or guests). Because of this, bedroom space takes up more floor space than any other room in the house.

Bathroom space is allotted 12.3% of total floor space, with more space in larger homes and less in smaller homes.  Once again, the median home size in Colorado accounts for the preference of multiple bathrooms in a home.

Laundry rooms account for only 3.7% in the majority of homes regardless of size. In Colorado, less space is needed for the laundry if the homeowner opts to take advantage of the beautiful climate during the spring and summer months by using a close line instead of a dryer.

Kitchens make up about 11.9% of space in small homes and 11.1% in larger homes. An open, roomy kitchen is often a must-have on the new homebuyers list, as the prospect of entertaining friends and family is an exciting part of owning a house.

Dining rooms account for 7.8% of space in small homes and 7% of space in large homes; the idea of a separate eating area is popular for new families who want sit-down meals with their kids.

The family room takes up just over 11% of floor space in all home sizes, compared to the 12% living room space in small homes and 7.5% in large homes. The family room is often times flows into the kitchen with no visual breaks, making it the ideal location for group interaction, whereas the living room is used more as a sitting area.

The smallest allocation of space is given to the entry foyer, taking up only 3.4% of floor space.

What space do you find important in your home?

Source: Average percentages based on special questions appended to the survey for the NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index June 2013.

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