Where can you Find Gluten-Free Restaurants in Boulder, CO?


Boulder restaurants cater to gluten-free patrons with creative and flavorful dishes. Living gluten-free is a way of life in Boulder and not just a fad. A large amount of Boulder residents have started eating gluten-free even though they do not have an allergy. They believe it is a healthier way of life. If you are looking for a gluten-free meal, you will find it at one of the following restaurants:


If you are looking for the cheapest but best sub in town then check out one of these local chains in many locations in Colorado. They also have put an emphasis on the environment with recycling and composting.

Foolish Craig’s Café  

This is an intimate and popular café that allows you to create your own crepe or omelet. You can enjoy Foolish’s Huevos, tacos every Tuesday, Nova Salmon or even Fried Chicken Eggs Benedict.


For over 34 years Lucile’s has been providing unique brunch dishes with old-fashioned Southern breakfast’s and Creole cuisine. You can even try a New Orleans style doughnut that is sprinkled with powdered sugar and wash it down with fresh squeezed orange juice.


This restaurant is known for their attention to serving only the finest organic meats and produce.  Hearty breakfasts, expresso bar and a selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. They are also equipped with a full bar for fun and lively evenings.

Mustard’s Last Stand  

They serve home-style fries, German Bratwurst and Chicago-style Hot Dogs at this diner. The menu also offers items for vegetarians such as Veggie-Dogs, Veggie-Chili and Tofu Reubens.

The Mediterranean   

This is an eclectic restaurant that is most notably known for their made fresh daily bread and wood oven pizzas.  You can sample French, Italian, Spanish and Greek all while still in Boulder. During Happy Hour you can check out their wonderful wine list.

There are many other choices for gluten-free diners. However, these are some of the top Boulder restaurants for those living this type of lifestyle.

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